“Feedback,” New Era, May 1982, 3


    Color me happy

    Just recently, after getting into an argument with my friend and feeling really bad about it, I read “Color Me Sorry” in the January–February 1982 New Era. It really cheered me up, and now I believe I can overcome my pride. I also liked “Today” by Elder Derek A. Cuthbert in the same edition. Articles like that help me in my life planning. I have a notebook now that I keep especially for recording my goals and ways in which I can reach them.

    D. L.
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    You can’t imagine

    I think the New Era is super! I am a nonmember, but my best friends, Susan Fox and Donna Taylor, are members, and with their help I have learned so much. I wait impatiently every month for Donna’s issue of the New Era to arrive so that I can read more. When I sit down with an issue, I usually read it cover to cover, intrigued with every page and story. You can’t imagine the good feeling I receive every time I turn a page. The New Era has helped a very confused 17-year-old understand a bit more. Thank you!

    Barbara Lens
    Tampa, Florida

    My only regret

    I wish to commend you for an outstanding magazine. Each month I eagerly wait for the latest issue. When I receive the New Era, I read it through as quickly as possible. My only regret is that it isn’t longer. I particularly enjoyed the January–February 1981 ten-year anniversary issue. I always look forward to the General Authority Message and the inspirational articles and fiction stories. The songs and photography are beautiful. I love the Mormonisms.

    Bessie Gardner
    Loveland, Colorado

    I know how that girl felt

    After reading “Building in the Snow” in the December 1981 New Era, I wanted to seek out my talents. I know how the girl in the article felt. I have a big brother who is on a mission. When he was here, I was always angry because he could do things that I couldn’t do. But then I discovered that I can do things he can’t do. This story really helped me.

    Lori Ann Holloway
    Sandy, Utah

    A late night snack

    I want to express my appreciation for the New Era and all the help it gives me. The stories, articles, and messages leave me and my whole family spiritually “well-fed.” My family loves to devour the New Era so much that we have to take two subscriptions to satisfy our cravings. Late at night when all else is quiet, I can hear my mom reading an article or fiction story to my dad. I guess it’s just a late night snack of feasting on the words of truth.

    The January–February 1982 issue just arrived. We all love “Saturday Morning Fever” by Jack Weyland.

    Maren Bartholomew
    Van Nuys, California

    Mach so weiter

    I’m a 17-year-old girl from Switzerland, and I’ve been reading the New Era for a year now. My father always got it, together with the Ensign, and only he read it. But now, once I get hold of an issue, I don’t put it away until I have read it through. My father now has a hard time reading it because as soon as it comes into our house, it disappears into my room. Most of all I like the “President Kimball Speaks Out” articles and the Mormonisms. But I also love all the articles and fiction pieces. There are many that have touched me to tears because I see there are many ways in which I have to improve. I also see that other people have the same problems I have. I was especially impressed by the article “The Story of Hans” by Paul Stout in the August 1981 New Era because the story took place in my country and because I knew Elder Stout personally when he was a missionary. I love the New Era. Mach so weiter!

    Renate Bader
    Berne, Switzerland

    Then and there

    I love the New Era. used to just glance at the pages, but in the July edition I read the report on the Young Women fireside, and then and there I promised myself I would strive to be a better person. It was really special to read what the young women had to say.

    Darlene Luker
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Hard but worthwhile

    I have been receiving the New Era for three and one half of the almost five years I have been waiting for my baptism. I have chosen to honor my parents’ request and wait until my 18th birthday to join the Church. Waiting is hard, but worthwhile. I must take this time to thank the New Era for helping me wait. Each monthly issue has brought me one step closer to my goal. Thank you for touching my heart with inspiring and thought-provoking lessons and stories that encourage me to progress each and every day. The New Era is not only for Church members but also for nonmembers like me who have to be patient and wait to be members of the Lord’s true church. I love the Church and the New Era. Thank you for making my wait easier and a little bit shorter.

    Nancy Faye Miller
    Wausau, Wisconsin

    Not lost

    Thank you for the stories in the October New Era. They really got through to me and even answered some of my questions. A lot of us would be lost without the New Era!

    Lorie Buckels
    Santa Inez, California