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“Feedback,” New Era, Apr. 1981, 3


Two of those years

I am really grateful to be able to read the New Era. It surely has strengthened my testimony every time I have read it. I have only been a member a little over three years, and I have had the New Era for two of those years. Thank you for the talk President Kimball gave in the November New Era and the many other stories and messages which have helped me.

C. T. Polkinghorne
Auckland, New Zealand

I am happy!

Thank you for a fantastic magazine. When I feel down and alone, the only thing I have to do is read a New Era and soon I see a light in the darkness of my problems. The New Era keeps reminding me that I’m not alone, that there are thousands of Mormons all over the world. The Church here in Holland isn’t as large as in the States, and sometimes I feel kind of left out, but through the Church magazines, the members who live in other countries come nearby. Thank you for a magazine that makes me feel at home and a part of LDS activities all over the world. I love the gospel. I love my Heavenly Father. I love people! In other words, I am happy with my life. I love every minute of it.

Sonja J. Schouten
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Marming salamat

During a period when we were presenting the films “Where Jesus Walked” and “The First Vision” to several groups of investigators, I came across the article about the Mormon composer Merrell Jenson in the August New Era. It inspired me to know that this returned missionary composed the music that accompanied these films we were showing, uplifting the hearts of thousands of people. The story of the events that led to his arrangement for the “The First Vision” was touching. Our Heavenly Father will really inspire and direct us if we are spiritually in tune with him. Music has always been an important part of my life, and I’m looking forward to developing this talent to its fullest after my mission. I’m very grateful for New Era articles about dedicated servants of the Lord. Marming salamat (Thank you very much) for this great magazine.

Elder Edgar O. Rerva
Philippines Manila Mission

Even old timers

We plan to share our delightful New Era subscription with a talented and bright young girl named Michelle who just joined the Church. Even we old timers enjoy this delightful magazine. It always reminds us of a bygone “era.” This New Era is refreshing and encouraging.

Elder and Sister Maughan
Melbourne Australia Mission

Sweet is the wait

Thank you for a great magazine. It has helped us with a number of investigators here in Denmark and does wonders for the members too. I especially liked Jack Weyland’s short story “Sweet Is the Work” in the October issue because it tells about a girl who waited for her missionary. It was a confidence-building shot in the arm that my companion and I really appreciated.

Elder Digger Allsen
Denmark Copenhagen Mission

Half-dressed Scouts

Because The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a major sponsor of the Boy Scouts and wholeheartedly encourages its boys to participate, I was surprised to see the December cover of the New Era. What a beautiful scene to be destroyed by the fact that two of the Scouts were only half-dressed! A Scout uniform consists of a Scout shirt, pants, belt, and neckerchief. You wouldn’t show a military man or a policeman with only his shirt and blue jeans, would you? Please help us out by encouraging good Scouting so a boy can get the best program and the most out of it and become a good future citizen. Thank you for a tremendous magazine for youth.

Peggy Sargent
Aurora, Colorado

Procrastination postponed

I just had to write to tell you how much I appreciated two of the articles in the September New Era. “The Art of Liking People Who Are Not Like You” was an article that needed to be printed. This article really struck home because I was also once teased and snubbed, and I know how miserable it is. I also know how hard it is to be friends with an unpopular person. The author did an excellent job of presenting this problem that is often overlooked. The other article I liked was “Taking Control of Your Life” by Ron Woods. Procrastination is one of my biggest faults. In fact, I almost procrastinated writing this letter.

Penny Johnson
Beaver Dam, Utah

I really like to read

I’m 12 and I really like to read, so I really like the New Era. I wish it came every week. In the December 1980 issue I especially liked the article “Isn’t There Anything I Can Read?” by JoAnn M. Britsch. The booklist she gave helped me a lot because I really am bored lately. I have already read many of the books she mentioned, and they are really great. Thank you, Sister Britsch.

Veronica Tenney
Delta, Utah

How much?

How much do you think we’re worth?

Elders Steven O’Menly and Corey Cox
Australia Sydney Mission

It is worth it

I would like to thank all of the people whose stories appear in the New Era. They have helped me very much. I am in my first year of seminary and am serving as vice-president of our class. I have had some trying times, but I just get out the New Era and read my favorite stories, and it rejuvenates me so that I can try harder in my calling. I want to thank anyone and everyone who puts his time and effort into this magazine. Believe me, it is worth it.

Jennifer Burgess
Springfield, Arkansas

A world so corrupt

After reading “President Kimball Speaks Out on Morality” in the November issue of the New Era, I gained a great appreciation of President Kimball’s concern for the youth of the Church. I have been one of the “youth of the Church” for a little over a year, but I haven’t been baptized yet because I am only 16 and my parents won’t grant their permission. I feel a great love for President Kimball and appreciate these guidelines which are a tremendous help in a world so corrupt.

Michael Gros
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada