Morning of Your Life

    “Morning of Your Life,” New Era, Oct. 1980, 26–27

    In Tune:

    Morning of Your Life

    What will you do with your day in eternity?

    There are pathways to choose, and steep mountains to climb,

    by-ways to tread not a moment to lose—

    moments to cherish alone with your God.


    This is the morning of your life,

    and you are chosen of the Lord (of the Lord).

    What will be your destiny?

    The world is yours; the world is yours.

    You can make of yourself what you will.

    It may be hard (may be hard), and sometimes lonely,

    but set your goals high, never wav’ring,

    and you will fill your destiny.

    Much to be done on this day in eternity.

    God’s commandments to keep, and rich treasures to seek.

    Learn to obey, and choice blessings you’ll reap,

    striving to live his enlightening way.