The Sign

“The Sign,” New Era, Aug. 1980, 20–21

The Sign

First-Place Song

The prophet spoke, the people heard, but few believed his gracious word.

The wicked scoffed, the righteous mourned, because the words of life were scorned.

A sign was given to show the day our Savior Jesus would come their way.

The threat was made that saints would die, unless the sign shone in the sky.

The time was set, the law was made. The wicked laughed; the righteous prayed.

And then from heaven His voice was heard:

“Tomorrow come I unto the world.”

The day had come, the swords were drawn,

then passed the night without a dawn.

The gift of God was not denied,

the faith of saints was justified.


Photo by Michael Keogh
Calligraphy by Warren Luch