Are there any books or articles I can read to help me prepare to go to the temple?
June 1978

“Are there any books or articles I can read to help me prepare to go to the temple?” New Era, June 1978, 28–29

“Are there any books or articles I can read to acquaint me somewhat with what takes place in the temple so that I will be more prepared to receive what is given there?”

Answer/Brother Donald T. Schmidt

There are a number of books and articles that will give considerable information to prepare those who are planning to attend the temple. Some of the more appropriate ones that are readily available are:

Berrett, William E. The Restored Church. Deseret Book Company, 1961, pp. 366–67.

These comments on the temple contain statements by John A. Widtsoe on the endowment and the nature of symbols. Brother Berrett also makes reference to several principles to remember in preparation to receive the spirit of the endowment and the covenants made within the temple.

So You’re Going to the Temple. Message [from the First Presidency] to all Stake Presidents, Mission Presidents, District Presidents, Bishops, and Branch Presidents, February 12, 1971.

This message contains three sections: “So You’re Going to the Temple,” “Important Information for the Brides and Grooms,” and “Concerning Sealings for the Living.” The materials contained in this message should be available to the members of the Church through their bishop or branch president and should serve as excellent preparation material.

The New Era. Vol. 1, No. 6, June 1971.

This entire issue contains information helpful to those planning a temple marriage, as well as those going to the temple for the first time. It contains statements from the presidents of the Church on temple marriage, policies and procedures dealing with a temple marriage, an article by Elder ElRay L. Christiansen entitled, “Some Things You Need to Know About the Temple,” and information regarding legal and temple requirements for the marriage.

Smith, Joseph. History of the Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints. Deseret Book Company, 1973, 5:1–2.

This contains comments and definitions on the endowment from the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Talmage, James E. The House of the Lord. Deseret Book Company, 1968.

Pages 75–101 are particularly helpful in studying about the endowment and the other ordinances performed within the temple. Other portions of the book deal with the history of temples and temple work, as well as descriptions of the interior of temples with photographs included.

Temples and the Latter-day Saints. Special temple issue of the Improvement Era. Reprinted 1974.

This publication contains the following articles: “The Purpose of Temples” by David O. McKay, “Why Mormons Build Temples” by Mark E. Petersen, “Looking Toward the Temple” by John A. Widtsoe (considered one of the best articles on the subject), “Some Thoughts Concerning Ancient Temples and Their Functions” by Sidney B. Sperry. Up-to-date photographs of the temples are also included.

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