February 1978

“Mormonad,” New Era, Feb. 1978, 13


It’s Got Almost Everything
It’s got a V-12 engine, four carburetors, fully synchronized transmission, full instrumentation, rack and pinion steering, four-wheel independent suspension, power-assisted disc brakes, real leather seats, chrome-wire wheels, and a stereo tape deck. About the only thing it lacks is a steering wheel. Want to get in and drive it? Sometimes people have almost everything too. They have talent, intelligence, confidence, energy, enthusiasm, and more. In fact, about all they lack is self-control. Unfortunately all that uncontrolled power can be dangerous, and such people seldom get where they want to go. So with all your getting, get control.

Photo by Jed Clark, Car courtesy of Alpine Rennsport, SLC; Models: Leslie Raven, Denise Shelton