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“Feedback,” New Era, Sept. 1977, 2


Fantastic man

I enjoyed the article by Marvin Payne in the August 1976 New Era very much. He really is a fantastic man. We had the pleasure of hearing him at a youth conference about five years ago. He was fantastic then, as he is now.

Debbie Wilson
Campbell, California

What things are possible

I would like to thank the New Era for the help it has given us in the organization of our dependent Sunday School here in Stonehaven, Scotland. We have made the New Era available to the members and nonmembers, and they have enjoyed every issue. The New Era helps us all to know how great the Church is in other places and what things are possible for us in the future.

Elder John S. Meadows
Scotland Edinburgh Mission

Oldie soldies

I was wondering if I could order a back issue of the New Era. I have shown parts of it to a friend, and she wanted a copy of a certain article. I figured that it would be easier to order another magazine than to copy the article for her. Besides, she is not a member of the Church, and she might be interested in subscribing to the magazine. I enjoy the New Era. It really helps me a lot, especially the messages. They have helped me to build up my testimony. I also enjoy the Mormonisms and features, but they’re all better when shared with a friend. I am enclosing 40 cents for a copy of the April 1977 issue.

Laura Medeiros
Downey, California

By sending a list of the back issues you wish and 40 cents for each copy to Church Magazines, 50 East North Temple, you may obtain a copy of most back issues of the New Era. The onlyissues no longer available are January, March, June, November, and December of 1971, August of 1973, and June of 1975, but several other issues are within a few copies of being unavailable as well. Send 50 cents for each copy of the June 1977 issue. Incidently, we strongly suggest to Sister Medeiros and other members with nonmember friends that they consider giving a gift subscription to the New Era.

Click yes, bang no

I enjoyed the June Photo of the Month, and I want Spencer Dieber to know that I admire anybody who can shoot a buck with a camera instead of a gun.

Becky Paulsen
Salt Lake City, Utah

Born to be a leader

I have recently been studying the life of Joseph Smith, the first Prophet of this dispensation. You really helped me by printing the article “Joseph Smith—Five Qualities of Leadership.” Joseph Smith was a very useful tool in the Lord’s hands. It seems he was born to be a leader, and he was truly an inspired man. I would be very thankful if you could put more of these articles in your magazine.

Thank you for portraying to me more fully this great prophet.

Donna Le Brett
Healdsburg, California

Mysterious ways

Thank you for printing the article on patriarchal blessings in the February New Era. I had been interviewed and had my recommend, but was still slightly puzzled over the form of patriarchal blessings and why they are given. So I prayed. When I got home from college the next day, the February New Era with the article by Elder Richards was waiting for me. If that is not the answer to prayer, I don’t know what it is. The Lord surely moves in mysterious ways. I have only been in the Church a year but have a strong testimony. I know I could never leave the gospel now.

Elizabeth Bullen
London, England

A magazine to keep

I have never seen or read a more inspiring magazine than the New Era. The articles are truly a strength to my testimony. The beautiful photographs also make the New Era more interesting and a magazine to keep. I really enjoy Mormonisms too. Until recently I never took the time to sit down and read the messages by the General Authorities. I didn’t know what I was missing. They make me want to spread the New Era throughout the world. Thank you for a magazine I can read in my spare time in order to grow and mature spiritually.

Sharon Peterson
Brooks, Alberta, Canada

“Tall”—a tall tale?

I have just read “Tall” by Anya Bateman in the May New Era. It’s your basic story about someone who is different (too tall, too short, too heavy) and is helped by some popular person who shows that he cares and understands. The person with a problem then lives happily ever after.

That seldom happens in real life. (I noticed that the story was fiction, as usual.) I wish you would print a true story about the way it is. It is not a happy story and seldom has a happy ending. I just want people to become aware of what they are doing. It hurts—a hurt that is beyond words! I have spent many nights crying about something that I can’t control. You always remember what people have said to you, and when you’re alone it all comes back to you—every last detail. Please do something to at least awaken New Era readers to the fact that snickering, whispering, and name calling hurt—a hurt you can never know until you experience it.

Name Withheld

We had hoped we were making that point in a positive way in Sister Bateman’s story. If someone didn’t get it, we hope this letter will leave no doubt. Editor.

Since that day

I have just read Tom Osmond’s article in the April New Era, and I know from experience that every word is true! I have suffered from epilepsy since I was five years old. I had no confidence and was afraid to go anywhere on my own. My mother always had to go with me. I would not talk to anybody, and I thought everybody was laughing at me and talking about me—that is until I was baptized into the Church two years ago last May. Since that day I have gained confidence, and I am able to go out on my own. My epilepsy is milder too, and if everything goes well, it will be cleared up by summer. This is because of the love and faith I have found in Jesus Christ. My prayers have been answered, and I have a lot to thank the Lord for. I have learned that you can live a full life regardless of any disability, just as Tom Osmond said.

Carol Sims
Derby, Derbyshire, England

Leaderships in the fleet

Each month I read my son’s copy of the New Era, and I find the messages to be consistently outstanding. As an LDS chaplain serving in the navy, I was particularly interested and pleased to see your leadership game, especially as it related to life at sea. Even the neophyte seaman will recognize the parallels between real-life experience and the experiences within the game.

T. R. Pocock
Lieutenant Commander
Chaplain U.S. Navy

Poor vision

Thank you for Feedback in each New Era. It is very uplifting to read it and see the great help it gives our youth. I was surprised and disappointed when I read the letter from a woman who has such poor vision that she would discourage anyone from reading the magazine simply because of the use of color. I think her family has been denied some glorious experiences. Please continue to use color. It can soothe and calm worried minds or brighten and cheer those who are discouraged. Color does more for our lives than most people realize. I’m glad my children read the New Era, and I enjoy it too. Keep it the way it is. We love it!

Mrs. Marion M. Nicholea
Omaha, Nebraska

To do my share

I was so moved by “Language of the Spirit” by Elder Boyd K. Packer in the March New Era that I just had to write and thank you. Reading this article encouraged me to be more diligent in doing missionary work because I know that we as Latter-day Saints have a responsibility to testify and warn others. I also enjoyed “Planting Seeds” and “When Thou Art Converted,” also in the March issue. These articles have encouraged me to set a good example and spread the gospel. I appreciate the testimonies borne in these articles and hope to do my share as a missionary.

Linda Brill
Elkhart, Indiana

Never before

The New Era never made me cry—until I got the May issue. “Yours Are Parents to Honor” made me realize that I don’t really thank my parents enough. I’m 12 1/2 years old, and I’ve been getting the New Era since the beginning of the year. I’ve been a member of the Church all my life, and I have never before felt as close to my Heavenly Father as I do now. Thanks again for such a great magazine.

Barbara Grant
Sandy, Utah