Let Me Soar

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“Let Me Soar,” New Era, Aug. 1976, 17

“Let Me Soar”

This is the first in a series of songs prepared for you to use in your own unique and creative way. “Let Me Soar” can be performed simply as written (for piano and voice) or, using the chord symbols, with guitar, piano, and voice. You might also include a bass player and even a drummer along with the guitar, piano, and voice. The melody may also be harmonized by using the chord symbols to guide you to sounds.

Use your own arranging skills or those of a friend to make the song appropriate to your needs. It might be performed as a solo, duet, trio, or by a chorus in unison or in harmony. You may also want to use a unique instrumental accompaniment. If you do not know how to write for instruments yourself, it is a simple task to find someone in the community who can help.

This particular piece is not appropriate for all occasions. It was not intended to be used for worship services. The harmonies, rhythms, etc., do not lend themselves to those situations. The words and music are both intended for times and places where we want to sing words of encouragement but not for an organized meeting where the primary purpose is to worship our Father in heaven.

Our next New Era contest will include hymn and song writing. We are anxious to receive songs and hymns that might be used as a part of this series in the future. Watch for the contest rules that will appear in the November issue of the New Era.

[Writing a Song or Hymn]

If you are interested in writing a song or a hymn, here are some suggestions that you and your friends might try:

1. Match the style of the words and music to their intended use. Very often we hear words intended for worship that have been set to the kind of music associated with show and popular tunes, or we hear a beautiful hymnlike piece that speaks of light subjects.

2. Perform your song or hymn for friends and get their constructive criticism. See if it is easy to sing and easy to remember. Try to make it unique but familiar.

3. Remember, you are unique in all the universe. Don’t be afraid to write something that is genuine—an honest expression of yourself through song. Be concerned with making your song sound like you.

4. If you have trouble with details, ask for help from an expert. Make a neat, clean, easily read copy so that others will be able to recognize and reproduce your intentions.

Let us hear from you!

Let Me Soar

Let me soar. Let me do the things that help me learn and grow.

Let me soar. Let me listen with a heart that yearns to know.

Trust in me to follow wisely in the way of truth.

Trust in me to serve my brother while upon this earth.

Let me soar. Let me reach out for the one who needs my hand.

Let me soar. Let me cease to want and selfishly demand.

Trust in me to lead the way for those who fall behind.

Trust in me to take the hands of those whose lives are blind.

Reach out for the one who needs your love.

Reach out for those whisp’rings from above

Reach out for in reaching we all find those precious feelings shared by all mankind.

Let me soar. Let me do the things that help me learn and grow.

Let me soar. Let me listen with a heart that yearns to know.

Trust in me to love my Father who has sent me here.

Trust in me to live my life that He will draw me near.

Copyright 1974 by Newell Dayley. Used by permission.

Music, Let Me Soar
Music, Let Me Soar