May 1976

“Contents,” New Era, May 1976

New Era

May 1976

Volume 6, Number 5

Cover note: The pictures on the cover were taken in and around the city of Boston, Massachusetts, one of the very important cities in American history. A few of the photos were taken in Concord, Massachusetts, where the famous “shot heard around the world” was fired. These scenes in and around Boston might help you catch a little of the spirit of that great American city.

A. The Old North Bridge, Concord

B. The USS Constitution, Boston Harbor, Boston

C. Kristen Falck, member of the Cape Cod Branch, visiting the Old South Meeting House in downtown Boston. Samuel Adams held meetings in this building that were instrumental in ushering in the Revolution

D. The Samuel Adams Monument, Boston

E. One of the historic old churches in Concord

F. The Concord Inn

G. The statue of Paul Revere, Boston

H. A Bicentennial bouquet at one of the many flower shops on the streets of downtown Boston

I. The Minuteman Statue at the Old North Bridge, Concord (Photos by Ralph Reynolds and Lowell M. Durham, Jr.)