Puzzlement: Calls to Service
February 1976

“Puzzlement: Calls to Service,” New Era, Feb. 1976, 43

Calls to Service

Can you name the person who:

  1. Received his prophetic call while plowing in the field?

  2. Was called as king while looking for his father’s lost animals?

  3. Was awakened from sleep to receive his call as prophet?

  4. Were called as missionaries after prayer and fasting by the elders and prophets in Antioch?

  5. Was called as king while out herding sheep?

  6. Was called by God after having gone to the woods to pray?

  7. Was called as a prophet at the age of eight days?

  8. Was called to service by an angel while threshing wheat?

  9. Was called to replace Judas Iscariot?

  10. Was called as 12th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?