First Day
September 1973

“First Day,” New Era, Sept. 1973, 30

Junior High Notebook

First Day

I don’t think the school was this big during our class tour last spring. Maybe they added on. Or maybe because I’m only the third one in the room I don’t feel very important. It’s just that no one else acts scared and that none of my friends got in my homeroom or even have gym with me …

Somebody said you can pick out seventh graders if they’re nice to study hall teachers but this one knows my mom.

I wish I wouldn’t have worn these new shoes the first day and my notebook didn’t have pictures all over it; but I’m glad my locker partner came as early as I did and that the combination worked.

Maybe I’m doing okay. Hey! A man teacher—and we can put our desks in a circle if we want to; the girl next to me brought her lunch but nobody’s making fun of her.

Guess my shoes don’t look that bad, and anyway they’ll be scuffed by tomorrow.