Is it proper for a nonmember to partake of the sacrament?
October 1972

“Is it proper for a nonmember to partake of the sacrament?” New Era, Oct. 1972, 41

“Is it proper for a nonmember to partake of the sacrament when I invite him to church with me?”

Answer/James E. Faust

During the Lord’s visit to the Nephites he instructed that the sacrament should be given “unto all those who shall believe and be baptized in my name,” (3 Ne. 18:5) for his blood was shed “for as many as shall believe in my name” (JST, Matt. 24:29).

The sacrament is, therefore, basically a renewal of those covenants made in the waters of baptism. It is a renewal for those who have taken upon themselves the name and cause of Jesus, those who are trying to direct their lives to personal righteousness in harmony with him.

While the sacrament is intended for members of the Church only, partaking is a matter of individual conscience, and care should always be exercised to not give offense to investigators and guests by forbidding them to participate. In most instances guests will understand that partaking of the sacrament is symbolic of membership in the Church.

  • James E. Faust, Attorney, Regional Representative