What should I do about immodest clothing I am asked to model?

“What should I do about immodest clothing I am asked to model?” New Era, May 1972, 39–40

I was so excited when I got my first fashion modeling job I couldn’t contain myself. But most of the contracts require me to pose in swim suits, lingerie, or clothing of questionable modesty. I can’t afford to be too selective or I’m afraid the agency will just stop calling me. I’m never identified by name or religion in the ads.

“Even if you aren’t going to be identified, you still are being immodest. You are hurting yourself more than anyone else. If I were you, I would find another job or else model clothing such as winter wear—coats, boots, and winter outfits.”

Kay Williams, Age 16
Raymond, Alberta, Canada

“Somehow or other we have calloused our thinking to the point that we accept partially clad young ladies in newspaper advertisements and catalogues but decry such action in nude magazines. We should be prepared to take a stand on such issues. We are accepting too much in the way of double standards.”

Larry Bates, Age 24
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Even though you might think religion doesn’t enter into your modeling job, it enters in the most important way it can. Your Heavenly Father knows that you are compromising your dress standards for a part of your life that should not be the most important accomplishment to you.”

Brenda Done, Age 18
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“I am seventeen, and I will answer with my personal experience. I love modeling and upon receiving an invitation to model for a well-known store, I was overwhelmed with excitement. I went to the store and found the outfits I was to model already chosen for me. They were not within Church standards and so my decision was very hard to make. The job was important to me and I did not want to say anything that would hurt my chances in any way. After a lot of serious thought and prayer, I told them I could not model something that I myself would not wear. They thanked me for being honest and let me choose other outfits that met my standards. This was a testimony-strengthening experience, teaching me that by standing up for my standards I can never lose because I am continually blessed.”

Marsha McAdams, Age 18
Hampton, Virginia