The Grammarian’s Love Poem

“The Grammarian’s Love Poem,” New Era, Mar. 1972, 45

The Grammarian’s Love Poem

The subjects of my sentences

Have all at once switched case.

For every “I” that was before

A “You” is in its place.

All old hurts are forgotten;

I’ve learned another tense.

For all the “has beens” in the past

You make a recompense.

Over petty aggravations

You have a sorcery,

For like a subject and a verb

The two of us agree.

You bring out all the good traits

That no one else pursued.

No more “If I had someone,”

No more subjunctive mood.

So I’ll use a complex sentence

To illustrate my cause.

I’ve suddenly discovered

You’re my independent clause.

Illustrated by Trevor Southey