What can you do when you and your parents don’t get along?

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“What can you do when you and your parents don’t get along?” New Era, Dec. 1971, 42

“What can you do when you and your parents don’t get along?”

Answer/Max W. Craner

A fifty minute solution

SIT DOWN … and think for 3 minutes.

3 minutes

Then cut out a paper airplane (girls can cut out yellow roses). Buy a candy bar.

10 minutes

TAKE THEM TO YOUR ROOM. Think honestly of the things your parents have done for you, and make a list. (If you can’t think of anything to make a list from, write down the things you have done for them.) Squeeze everything on one page, okay? If after 10 minutes the paper is blank, start over with the timing.

10 minutes

WRITE—“I LOVE YOU” on the plane or yellow flower.

1 minute

TALK—To your father about when he was your age. Let him share with you … ask questions …

8 minutes

GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM. Wrap the candy bar in bright paper.

1 minute

HELP YOUR MOTHER—and just visit with her. Ask her about her favorite date, or ask her to fix your favorite meal because she makes it better than anyone else … maybe even help her.

8 minutes

GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM. Tie a ribbon around the wrapped candy bar.

1 minute

THINK—About your own future children. Write “Dad” on the candy bar. Write “Mom” on the plane or yellow flower.

3 minutes

SURPRISE! Put these under their pillows at 10:00 P.M. Any Night.


1. Be interested; do something for them.

2. Understand that they were teenagers once.

3. Realize that you’ll be a parent with kids like you someday.

TURN OFF THE LIGHTS. Kneel down and think of your parents as your pre-earth friends, of how you probably loved them especially, and of how you wanted to work with these friends here on earth because you thought you could work with them to return to your Heavenly Father.

2 minutes (if you’re slow)

FINALLY—Thank your Father in heaven for your pre-earth point of view and ask him to help you to remember more often your extra special friends—Mom and Dad.