Often-Asked Questions
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“Often-Asked Questions,” New Era, June 1971, 46

Often-Asked Questions

Q. Who can go to the temple for the wedding ceremony, and what do they wear?

A. Only persons who have a current temple recommend and have received their own endowments can attend the ceremony. It is nice to write an informal invitation two weeks ahead to those you would like to attend the ceremony. Be sure to tell them the time. Usually they wear their Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes. Only close friends, family, perhaps the bishopric, and home teachers are likely to be included. It is nice to ask all who attend the ceremony to the wedding breakfast, if the breakfast immediately follows the ceremony.

Q. My parents cannot get a temple recommend. What is the best way to handle this?

A. Your parents may drive you to the ceremony and wait on the temple grounds for you. If they are not members of the Church, a pre-wedding occasion (dinner, meeting in the ward or your home) could be planned where your bishop or branch president explains what the temple ceremony is and builds a good feeling and understanding in the hearts of your parents. This is usually a difficult time for parents. Show them the special love, appreciation, and great understanding that they deserve. They have raised you and have looked forward to this day also.

Q. What time of day do we get married in the temple?

A. This depends on several things: (1) whether or not you first go through a regular temple session, (2) the regulations of the temple you will be married in, and (3) your personal preference.

It is wise to keep in mind that the sweetness and sanctity of the temple represent the spirit that you’d like to carry with you when you leave the temple. Some couples have married early in the morning (kind of getting it out of the way) primarily so they can have the rest of the day to prepare for the reception. The reception may then become the big part of the wedding, rather than the sacred temple ceremony. Obviously an early-morning wedding is appropriate, but it should be planned as the major event of the day. Plan your wedding and reception so that they are the most memorable experience possible and are pleasing before God.