Dear boys and girls:

Here is a book of songs especially for you. You can sing them just about anytime, anywhere. You can sing some of these songs to show thankfulness to Heavenly Father and some just for the fun of singing.

As you sing you may feel good inside. The Holy Ghost gives you warm feelings to help you understand that the words and messages in the songs are true. You can learn about the gospel in this way, and your testimony will grow as you learn. You will remember more easily what you have learned when you sing about it. The melody of a song helps you remember the words and also brings the feeling of the song to your heart. The illustrations will also help you see what the songs teach. Once you know the songs, they can be with you always (like good friends) to help you make right choices and be happy.

Music is a language that everyone can understand. Children all over the world sing these same songs. Music can also link the past to the future. Someday you might sing these songs with your own children.

There are songs in this book on almost every gospel subject. The songs explain our beliefs about life in heaven; about prayer, thankfulness, and reverence; about the mission of the Savior; about the principles of the gospel; about the importance of home, family, and heritage; about the beauty of nature and the seasons; and about the need for fun and activity. The last section is music that can be played before or after a meeting—or in your home—to create a reverent atmosphere.

Someday you will be leaders of the Church and of the world. What you learn from these songs will help you to be faithful and to serve righteously. The good feelings the songs bring will give you happiness and courage and will help you to remember that you are children of God.