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Giving Up Harmful Substances

“Giving Up Harmful Substances,” The Word of Wisdom (2007)

“Giving Up Harmful Substances,” The Word of Wisdom

Giving Up Harmful Substances

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If you use tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, illegal drugs, or other harmful and addictive substances, stop now. You will be blessed with a healthier body and spirit. Some people have developed habits or addictions to substances that make it difficult to stop using them. If you have difficulty giving up these habit-forming substances, ask God in prayer to help you replace harmful thoughts, activities, and temptations with uplifting, wholesome influences. As you fill your life with what is positive and uplifting, there will be less room for what is harmful and negative. The following suggestions will help you:

  • Resolve to quit. Pray and fast with confidence that the Lord will help you overcome your addiction.

  • Study the scriptures. Memorize passages and recite them frequently. They will bring you spiritual power.

  • Ask for a priesthood blessing to help you resist temptation.

  • Dispose of harmful substances, and do not get more.

  • List the times, places, and situations in which you are tempted to violate the Word of Wisdom. Talk to your parents, your spouse, the missionaries, and other trusted friends about how you can avoid the things on your list. For example, find new pastimes or hobbies in which you will not be tempted. Listen to uplifting music, serve others, read wholesome books, or exercise when you are tempted.

  • Participate in Church activities. You will grow closer to the Lord and have increased strength to overcome your desires for harmful substances.

  • Attend an appropriate support group or obtain professional help.

  • Never forget that the Lord will help you as you rely on Him. Giving up these substances can be very difficult, and some people may relapse into old habits more than once before they quit entirely. Keep trying, and never lose hope.

By being humble and honest and calling upon God and others for help, you can overcome your addictions through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

As you live the Word of Wisdom, the blessings promised by the Lord will be yours.

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