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The Gospel of Jesus Christ

“The Gospel of Jesus Christ,” The Gospel of Jesus Christ (2005)

“The Gospel of Jesus Christ,” The Gospel

What Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Sermon on the Mount

The teachings and Atonement of Jesus Christ are central to His gospel.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is our Heavenly Father’s plan for the happiness and salvation* of His children. It is called the gospel of Jesus Christ because the Atonement of Jesus Christ is central to this plan. According to His plan, our Heavenly Father sent His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to show us how to live meaningful and happy lives and experience eternal joy after this life. Through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, you can become clean from sin and enjoy peace of conscience. You can become worthy to live in Heavenly Father’s presence after this life.

To receive this peace and strength, you must learn and follow the principles and ordinances of the gospel. A principle is a truth that can be applied in life; an ordinance is a sacred, formal act performed by the authority of the priesthood and is often a means of entering into a covenant with our Heavenly Father. The first principles of the gospel are faith in Jesus Christ and repentance. The first ordinances of the gospel are baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost.

After you learn and follow the first principles and ordinances of the gospel, you seek to follow Christ’s example throughout the remainder of your life. This continued faithfulness is called “enduring to the end.”

  • Words in red are defined on pages 18 and 19.