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Overview of Christlike Teaching

“Overview of Christlike Teaching,” Teaching in the Savior’s Way (2022)

Overview of Christlike Teaching

The following charts provide an overview of the principles taught in this resource.

Focus on Jesus Christ

Teach about Jesus Christ No Matter What You Are Teaching

  • Emphasize the example of Jesus Christ.

  • Teach about the titles, roles, and attributes of Jesus Christ.

  • Look for symbols that testify of Jesus Christ.

Help Learners Come unto Jesus Christ

  • Help learners recognize the Lord’s love, power, and mercy in their lives.

  • Help learners strengthen their relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

  • Help learners intentionally strive to be more like Jesus Christ.

Principles of Christlike Teaching

Love Those You Teach

  • See learners the way God sees them.

  • Seek to know them—understand their circumstances, needs, and strengths.

  • Pray for them by name.

  • Create a safe environment where all are respected and know their contributions are valued.

  • Find appropriate ways to express your love.

Teach by the Spirit

  • Prepare yourself spiritually.

  • Always be ready to respond to spiritual promptings about the needs of learners.

  • Create settings and opportunities for learners to be taught by the Holy Ghost.

  • Help learners seek, recognize, and act on personal revelation.

  • Bear testimony often, and invite learners to share their feelings, experiences, and testimonies.

Teach the Doctrine

  • Learn the doctrine of Jesus Christ for yourself.

  • Teach from the scriptures and the words of latter-day prophets.

  • Help learners seek, recognize, and understand truths in the scriptures.

  • Focus on truths that lead to conversion and build faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Help learners find personal relevance in the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Invite Diligent Learning

  • Help learners take responsibility for their learning.

  • Encourage learners to come to know the Savior by studying the gospel daily.

  • Invite learners to prepare to learn.

  • Encourage learners to share the truths they are learning.

  • Invite learners to live what they are learning.

Overview of Christlike Teaching chart