Ideas for Using the Gospel Library App

“Ideas for Using the Gospel Library App,” Scripture Study Ideas (2021)

“Ideas for Using the Gospel Library App,” Scripture Study Ideas

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Ideas for Using the Gospel Library App


One of the best ways to study the scriptures is to listen to the recordings. You can do this in your home or almost anywhere. You can also listen at variable speeds and in different languages.

Study by Topic

You can find scriptures about a given topic by using the search function and then reviewing relevant search results. You can also use the Gospel Topics publication that provides key scriptures for a given topic.

Organize by Topic

You can organize content by topics using “Tags” and “Notebooks.” These topics can be useful when you are preparing a talk or lesson.


You can highlight or mark your scriptures by selecting a passage and then choosing a style. The style can be a combination of different colors and an underline or highlight.

Create Links

You can create links between scriptures, general conference messages, and other content. This can help you remember and quickly get to connections that you have made.

Look Up Definitions

You can easily look up the definition of a word in the scriptures by selecting it and tapping the “Define” button.

Use Bookmarks and Screens

You can quickly get back to select content by using bookmarks to keep track of certain places and screens. Using bookmarks can allow you to keep various chapters and other content open at the same time.

Set a Schedule

You can create a study plan that helps you track your progress of studying the scriptures. You can also set reminders to help you accomplish your study goals. A schedule can help you follow along with the Come, Follow Me schedule or personally read the Book of Mormon.