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“Baptism,” Resources by Topic (2021).

“Baptism,” Resources by Topic.


Church Publications

A Cup of Warm Water” ( Friend or Liahona, Sept. 2020).

Minjun’s friend is going to be baptized, but the water’s too cold! Minjun sets out to find a way to warm up the water.

Alma’s Baptism Talk” (Friend, May 2020)

An activity focused on Alma’s talk in Mosiah 18.

John Baptized Jesus” (New Testament Stories for Young Readers [2019]).

A retelling of the baptism of Jesus. Includes coloring page.

Worth the Wait” ( Friend or Liahona, Mar. 2017).

Sadie wants to be baptized, but her dad wants her to wait until she’s older.

A Baptism Blessing” ( Friend or Liahona, June 2013).

Trevor is afraid to be baptized because going under water makes him nervous.

Understanding Baptism” (Friend, June 2013).

A poster with the answers to some questions children may have about baptism.

Can’t I Be Baptized Too?” ( Friend or Liahona, Oct. 2012).

Six-year-old Paulo is sad when the missionaries tell him he is too young to be baptized, but he learns he can still share his testimony.

My Big Decision” ( Friend or Liahona, June 2011).

After the missionaries invite her to be baptized, Nicole is nervous about the responsibility that comes with baptism.

Clean Again” ( Friend or Liahona, Oct. 2006).

A girl learns an important lesson about repentance when she makes a mistake.

Coloring Page

Friend Magazine, 2019/08 Aug

A New Path” (Friend, Aug. 2019).