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Video Lesson 1: The Gospels: ‘Come unto Me’

“Video Lesson 1: The Gospels: ‘Come unto Me’” New Testament Video Guide (2005), 1

“Video Lesson 1,” New Testament Video Guide, 1


The Gospels

“Come unto Me”


To persuade students to come unto Christ and to be willing to follow Him.

Before the Video

Scripture Insight

Begin the lesson by reading Matthew 11:28–30 with the students. In this scripture Jesus invites us to come unto Him. Explain that this lesson will focus on the reasons we should come unto Christ.

Jesus is a God who has great power. Read John 1:1–3, 14 together. Ask, “What reasons does this scripture give that suggest why we should come unto the Savior?” Help the students understand that Jesus was a God before He was born, and He created the heavens and the earth under the direction of our Heavenly Father. You may wish to write this point on the board.

Object Lesson

You might use the following object lesson to help the students understand the work, power, and majesty of Jesus Christ:

Put some wet sand in a shallow container. Have several students each press a finger into the sand. Ask them to count the particles of sand that stick to their finger. Have them guess how many particles are in the box. Ask the class to imagine trying to count the particles of sand along the western coast from Alaska to the tip of South America and back up the eastern side to Greenland.

“And were it possible that man could number the particles of the earth, yea, millions of earths like this, it would not be a beginning to the number of [His] creations” (Moses 7:30). The vastness of the Lord’s creations are a measure of the extent of His power. Help the students understand that the Savior is willing to use all of His power to help those who come unto Him.

Using the Video

“Come unto Me” 11:36

“Look For” Activity

Invite students to watch the video and to be ready to discuss some additional reasons to come unto Christ.

Show the Video

The video consists of interviews of seminary students, followed by historical scenes from the life of the Savior. The testimonies and the scenes illustrate some of the following reasons to come unto Christ:

  • He loves us.

  • He understands us.

  • He has power to lift our spiritual, physical, and emotional burdens.

  • He is willing to forgive.

  • He is our Savior.

After the Video


Ask, “What are some reasons shown in the video for coming unto Jesus Christ?” Try to help the students discover the points mentioned above. You may want to list them on the board. Feel free to include any other reasons students suggest. Discuss how those in each example received “rest.” Many of your students have had inspirational experiences in seeking the Lord and His rest. As you testify of your personal experiences, have the students think of times the Savior has helped them or their families. Ask them to share their experiences with the class.

Invite the students to again read Matthew 11:28–30. Ask someone in the class to explain what a yoke is. The following quote from President Howard W. Hunter may be helpful.


“In biblical times the yoke was a device of great assistance to those who tilled the field. It allowed the strength of a second animal to be linked and coupled with the effort of a single animal, sharing and reducing the heavy labor of the plow or wagon. A burden that was overwhelming or perhaps impossible for one to bear could be equitably and comfortably borne by two bound together with a common yoke. …

“Why face life’s burdens alone, Christ asks, or why face them with temporal support that will quickly falter? To the heavy laden it is Christ’s yoke, it is the power and peace of standing side by side with a God that will provide the support, balance, and strength to meet our challenges and endure our tasks here in the hardpan field of mortality” (in Conference Report, Oct. 1990, 20; or Ensign, Nov. 1990, 18).


Point out to the students that in Matthew 11:28–30 the Savior also counseled us to learn of Him. Testify that this year is a wonderful opportunity for them to learn of Him through their study of the New Testament. During their study they will witness many people who came to the Savior and received His rest or who rejected His invitation. Explain to the students that they will have that same opportunity. Discuss ways they can accept His invitation and come unto Him.