Facilitator Instructions

“Facilitator Instructions,” My Path for Self-Reliance (2016)

“Facilitator Instructions,” My Path

Facilitator Instructions

Devotional facilitator instructions will always appear in the purple boxes. For additional help conducting a devotional, see page 13.

How to Use This Booklet

This booklet is designed for use in a devotional format. However, it may also be used in other group or individual settings, including:

  • Fifth-Sunday lessons.

  • Quorum or Relief Society meetings.

  • In the home.

  • Other appropriate settings.

When You See These Prompts, Follow These Directions






One person reads aloud for the whole group.

The whole group watches the video.

As a small group (2–8 people), share thoughts for about 2–4 minutes.

Individually ponder and write quietly for about 2–3 minutes.

Work individually or together as a small group (2–8 people) for the specified time.

A My Path devotional should last no more than 90 minutes.

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