1: Self-Reliance Is a Principle of Salvation

“1: Self-Reliance Is a Principle of Salvation,” My Foundation for Self-Reliance (2016)

“1: Self-Reliance Is a Principle of Salvation,” My Foundation


Self-Reliance Is a Principle of Salvation

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Ponder:John 10:10 (on the right)

Discuss:What is an abundant life?

Watch:“He Polished My Toe,” available at (No video? Read page 5.)

He Polished My Toe

If you are unable to watch the video, read this script.

still from He Polished My Toe

Elder Enrique R. Falabella: When I was growing up, we didn’t have much. I remember one day when I approached my father and said to him, “Papa, I need a new pair of shoes. These ones are already worn out.” He stopped and looked at my shoes and saw they were really worn out. He said, “I think this is something we can fix.” He took a bit of black polish and polished my shoes, leaving them shiny and nice. He said to me, “Now they’re fixed, son.” I replied, “No, not yet. You can still see my toe sticking out of my shoe.” He said, “Well, we can fix that too!” He took a little more polish and he polished my toe!

That day I learned that there is a solution to every problem. I am convinced that this principle of self-reliance and this initiative is a way to hasten the Lord’s work. It’s part of the work of salvation. All of us can become better than what we are now. You have to let go of apathy. Many times we become complacent, and this destroys our progress. Every day is a day I can make progress if I decide to do something different to improve what I’ve done poorly in the past. If you do it with faith, exercising faith and hope in Christ that He will be there helping you, you will find the way to make progress in temporal and spiritual things. This is because God lives and you are His son or daughter.

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Discuss:Do you believe there are solutions to your problems? How can we qualify for the Lord’s power to assist us?

Read:The Handbook 2 reference and the quote by Elder Dallin H. Oaks (on the right). Being self-reliant does not mean that we can do or obtain anything we set our mind to. Rather, it is believing that through the grace, or enabling power, of Jesus Christ and our own effort, we are able to obtain all the spiritual and temporal necessities of life we require for ourselves and our families. Self-reliance is evidence of our trust or faith in God’s power to move mountains in our lives and to give us strength to triumph over trials and afflictions.

Discuss:How has Christ’s grace helped you obtain the spiritual and temporal necessities of life?

Discuss:Read President Marion G. Romney’s quote (on the right). How do you know if you are becoming more self-reliant?

Commit:Commit to do the following actions during the week. Check the box when you complete each commitment.

  • Read the First Presidency letter on page 3, and underline the promised blessings. What must you do to obtain them? Write your thoughts below.

  • Share what you’ve learned today about self-reliance with your family or friends.