Young Women

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My Calling as a Young Women President


The Lord is grateful for your willingness to serve in His Church. Below is an overview of the responsibilities for your calling.

Purpose of Young Women

The Young Women organization helps God’s beloved daughters prepare to return to His presence. It helps young women make and keep sacred covenants and deepen their conversion to Jesus Christ and His gospel. In their classes, young women serve others, fulfill covenant responsibilities, build unity, and learn and live doctrine. (See General Handbook: Serving in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 11.1.1.)

President and Presidency

The president serves on the ward council and ward youth council (see She holds presidency meetings regularly and meets with the bishop. The presidency ministers to the young women as they become lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ. They teach class presidencies their responsibilities and support them as they lead. (See 11.3.2.) The president oversees records, reports, and finances. Her counselors provide support. The president also counsels with young women about challenges that do not require the bishop or involve abuse.

Youth Leadership

The Young Women presidency supports the youth leaders. Class presidents serve on the ward youth council. Class presidencies lead and minister to the young women as they draw closer to the Savior and participate in God’s work of salvation and exaltation. With the support of adult leaders, they plan service projects, activities, and Sunday meetings. (See

Sunday Classes

Bishoprics and adult Young Women leaders prayerfully decide how to organize classes according to age. They consider leadership opportunities for young women. Each class, regardless of size, should have a president and, where possible, one or two counselors and a secretary (see 11.1.3).

Service and Activities

Class presidencies, supported by adult leaders, plan service and activities that build testimonies, strengthen families, foster class unity, and provide opportunities to bless others (see Service and activities are an opportunity to gather youth and share the joy of living the gospel and participating in the Lord’s mighty work.

Guidelines and Policies

All adults who work with children and youth must complete the Protecting Children and Youth training within one month of being sustained ( Guidelines and policies regarding young women with disabilities, youth emblems, and more are found in section 11.6 of the General Handbook.