Who Do I Work With?
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“Who Do I Work With?” My Calling as a Ward Clerk (2020).

“Who Do I Work With?” My Calling as a Ward Clerk.

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My Calling as a Ward Clerk

Who Do I Work With?

Members of the Ward

Build sincere relationships with the members in your ward to help them feel loved and help them come unto Christ. Reach out to each of them as the Savior would (see Luke 18:16). Encourage them to seek the guidance of the Spirit in fulfilling their sacred roles as disciples of Jesus Christ.


As a ward clerk, you support and sustain the bishop as you accept and prayerfully fulfill responsibilities he may delegate to you. You also seek inspiration so that you can use your unique gifts to bless the members of the ward. As you counsel with the bishopric and seek to follow the example of the Savior, you will gain insights and inspiration about how best to minister to one another and to those you serve.

Executive Secretary

The executive secretary acts as an administrative assistant to the bishopric. Some of his duties include preparing agendas, following up on assignments, coordinating with ward leaders, and scheduling appointments. You may work with the executive secretary to fulfill assignments the bishop gives you.

Ward Leaders

Work with quorum and organization secretaries to collect reports and ensure their accuracy. Provide training to quorum and organization secretaries in their responsibilities with records, reports, and finances.

Ward Council

You are a member of the ward council. As a member of the ward council, you have the responsibilities outlined in General Handbook: Serving in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 7.5–7.6. You also assist the ward council by taking notes and keeping track of assignments.

A ward council meeting should be a revelatory experience. Elder David A. Bednar taught the following about a ward council meeting: “We’ve been talking about a revelatory experience with the members of the ward council. And if members of councils, if members of families, as they come together, would think in terms of ‘I’m preparing to participate in a revelatory experience with my family’ instead of going to a meeting—a revelatory experience with the members of the ward council—I think we would prepare and act much differently” (in M. Russell Ballard, in “Panel Discussion” [worldwide leadership training meeting, Nov. 2010],

Stake Clerk

The stake clerk will be a resource to you, providing support and ongoing encouragement. In stake training meetings, you will receive instruction to help in your service.

High Councilor

The stake high councilor assigned to your ward will be a great resource to you and your ward. He can provide training and communication between the ward and the stake. He may be invited to attend bishopric and ward council meetings.