Sharing the Savior’s Light at Christmas
Ministering Principles

“Sharing the Savior’s Light at Christmas,” Liahona, December 2020

Ministering Principles

Sharing the Savior’s Light at Christmas

Consider those you minister to. How can you help them become closer to Christ this Christmas?

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While we remember the Savior Jesus Christ all year, Christmas is the season when we celebrate the greatest gift ever given: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son” (John 3:16). As we minister at Christmas, we too can give gifts that help others draw closer to the Savior. It’s wonderful to think of ourselves as mirroring the gift given by Heavenly Father.

I Still Cherish the Gift

Susan Hardy, California, USA

When I was 11 years old, my Sunday School teacher, Brother Deets, told our class that if we would memorize the Articles of Faith and explain to him what they meant, he would buy us our own set of scriptures.

Brother and Sister Deets were a young couple, just starting out. I wasn’t sure Brother Deets could afford to buy a gift for anyone. But I decided that if he thought the Articles of Faith were important enough to memorize, I would take the challenge.

After I finished all 13, time went by and I forgot about his promise.

Then, on Christmas Day, I received a package with my name on it. I opened it to find a set of scriptures just for me, with a card encouraging me to read them regularly. That was in 1972, and to this day I still have those scriptures. They are precious to me.

It wasn’t the cost of the gift but the kindness he showed to me and the sacrifice he was willing to make for me that left me with a deep desire to study the word of God. I try to follow Brother Deets’s example of ministering by giving meaningful gifts to those around me, hoping that I can bless others’ lives as he has blessed mine.

An Invitation to Play a Part

Richard M. Romney, Utah, USA

When those planning our ward Christmas social asked me to visit a certain less-active member and invite him to participate in the program, I have to admit I was nervous. I had met Darren only once before, when he had participated in an earlier ward activity. He had worn a motorcycle headband across his forehead. His long white hair was tied in a ponytail, he had a full white beard, and his arms were covered with tattoos.

Now, accompanied by a committee member, I was standing on Darren’s doorstep, wondering what he might say. He asked us to step inside, and we told him why we were there. He said, “Oh, I’d love to do that!”

He did an amazing job, helping to make the activity meaningful for so many. A short time later, my ministering companion and I were asked to visit Darren regularly. He always seems glad to see us, and we’ve had some delightful conversations. I’m grateful the inspiration to invite him to participate in the program of a ward activity led to a cherished relationship.

Ministering to Others at Christmas

Here are some things you can do to make sure those to whom you minister will know you’re thinking of them, particularly at this time of year.

  1. Sometimes a phone call or a text message works wonders. Striking up a conversation with a simple “Hi, how are you doing?” can make a difference.

  2. Join in their celebrations when appropriate. Christmas can be a great time to learn about the beliefs we have in common. When you share beliefs and listen to others, you open the door to greater understanding.

  3. Pray for them by name. Ask Heavenly Father to help you think of ways to bring them closer to His Son.

  4. Simple gifts are often best remembered. Gifts don’t have to be elaborate to be loved. The gift of time, the gift of listening, the sharing of a photo or a memory—these can all be gifts of the heart.

  5. Give the gift of testimony. Ask them to share their love of the Savior with you, and offer to share your love for Him with them.

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Using Light the World to Minister

You can use the Light the World campaign to help you as you minister. Here are some ideas to get you started. (Find more at

  1. Share the video The Christ Child. You can post it, share a link, or invite others to watch it with you.

  2. Invite others to attend a Christmas service. Some people want to worship but don’t know where to go. Invite them to come worship with you.

  3. Encourage them to give to others. They can donate to the Church’s Humanitarian Services or to local charities.

  4. Sign up for daily service prompts. You can help others to sign up too. The prompts may provide opportunities for you to serve together.

  5. Fill their home with peace. Let them know that missionaries have a special Christmas message they can share, one that will bring hope and love to their hearts.

  6. Introduce them to Light the World. Show them how to learn more at

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Ministering to All as a Congregation

Every congregation’s needs are unique. Some benefit from organizing a larger activity. Other congregations may benefit from something small and simple. Those involved in planning and organizing activities prayerfully consider how to meet the needs that exist.

  • Members from the three stakes in Paris, France, helped support a Light the World soirée that included a talent show and a fashion show. They prepared items that were given to refugees and people experiencing homelessness. (See “Lighting the World in Paris,” page 32.)

  • The Charlotte North Carolina Central Stake held a “Christmas around the World” event for the community, with a social to celebrate Christ through food, international Christmas tradition displays, music, service projects, and a children’s nativity.

  • Members of the Vero Beach Florida Stake joined in a community reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. Toys were donated to community charities. A Primary children’s choir performed, and many churches had booths displaying information.

  • The Jacksonville Florida South Stake presented the Savior of the World production for the community.

    Resources, such as the script and music, are available at

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