Other Information Related to Meetinghouse Facilities

“Other Information Related to Meetinghouse Facilities,” Providing Meetinghouses and Other Places of Worship (2021)

“Other Information Related to Meetinghouse Facilities,” Providing Meetinghouses and Other Places of Worship

Other Information Related to Meetinghouse Facilities


Meetinghouses should reflect an attitude of reverence for Jesus Christ and testify of members’ belief in Him. Art depicting Jesus Christ should be placed in meetinghouse foyer areas to help show this central belief. Foyer areas should not have distractions such as display cases, bulletin boards, tables, and easels. Art depicting Jesus Christ, scriptural scenes, and Church history is appropriate for hallways and classrooms.

The stake president or other assigned local leaders select artwork from a catalog of Church-approved artwork for meetinghouses. The facilities manager can share the artwork catalog with the leaders when new artwork is needed. Artwork from other sources is generally not allowed. Requests for exceptions must be made through the facilities manager.

Artwork may not be placed in the chapel or near the baptismal font. Statues, monuments, memorials, murals, and mosaics are not allowed in or outside the building. This policy might not apply to works of art that have been on display for many years.

Copy Machines

Copier purchases are determined by area office guidelines, which are based on local unit needs. The facilities management group is responsible for purchasing copy machines for stake offices and meetinghouse materials centers.

When service or repairs are necessary, local leaders contact the service provider if a service contract exists. Otherwise, local leaders contact the facilities management group, who schedules and pays for the work.

Supplies such as paper and toner are purchased by local units, using their local unit budget allowance.


Decorations for holiday activities, wedding receptions, and similar events may be placed temporarily in or outside a building. Decorations other than flowers may not be placed in the chapel during sacrament meetings. Decorations are discouraged in the foyers to keep a focus on reverence for the Savior.

Decorations should be modest and inexpensive. They must not be a fire hazard. Local fire and safety codes and ordinances should always be followed.

Emergency Communication Equipment

Wards and stakes do not purchase or accept donated satellite telephone or amateur radio equipment for use in an emergency or installation in a meetinghouse. Leaders are encouraged to identify individuals who may already have their own equipment to assist with specific ward and stake communication needs.

Equipment for Patriarchs

In rare cases, a patriarch might not have access to a computer (for example, he may not have his own computer or be able to use the computer in the clerk’s office of a meetinghouse). If so, a stake president can approve the purchase of a computer and make the request by contacting the facilities manager. Stakes provide audio recording equipment for patriarchs using local unit budget allowance (LUBA) funds. In rare cases, the stake may not have sufficient funds to provide audio recording equipment. In these cases, the stake president can approve the purchase of audio recording equipment by contacting the facilities manager.


Members are not charged fees or deposits to use meetinghouses or Church properties for wedding receptions, funerals, family gatherings, missionary reunions, approved recitals, or similar events.


The national flag may be flown on Church property as long as local guidelines are followed. The flag may be posted inside Church buildings on special occasions. Patriotism does not require continuously posting the national flag at places of worship.

Homeschool and Day Care

While the Church strongly encourages education, meetinghouses are not used as homeschool or day care facilities or for hosting homeschool activities.

Adherence to this policy will promote safety and avoid tax liabilities for the Church.

Satellite and Video Equipment

Church satellite and video equipment are used only for noncommercial, Church-related purposes as authorized by the stake presidency or bishopric. All equipment is to be locked securely when not in use. It may not be removed from the building for home or personal use.

Shared Property Uses

Use of shared Church property requires approval, including access to Church property, gates, easements, boundary issues, and right-of-way agreements.


If a stake president has questions about signs for Church buildings, he contacts the facilities manager.


Church-owned motorized snow removal equipment is provided at each meetinghouse where needed. Church members may use this equipment to clear meetinghouse sidewalks. Leaders restrict these assignments to mature, responsible members and instruct them to use proper safety precautions.

Vacant Church Property

Vacant Church property may not be used or occupied without permission from the Area President. In some circumstances, local members may use vacant Church property temporarily for gardens. Contact the local facilities manager with questions or to request permission.