Sabbath Day Worship
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“Sabbath Day Worship,” Learning and Serving in the Church (2016), 5–9

“Sabbath Day Worship,” Learning and Serving in the Church, 5–9

Sabbath Day Worship

Sacrament meetings

Partaking of the sacrament each Sunday brings spiritual strength.

The Sabbath is a day set aside to honor the Lord. Your attitude and behavior on this day show God your feelings toward Him. You will delight in the Lord as you make the Sabbath different from other days of the week in your home. Participate in activities that strengthen family ties, such as teaching the gospel to each other and finding out more about your ancestors. Church magazines and websites such as have many resources that can help you worship the Lord in your home on His day. Rest from your regular weekday activities and seek to give service to those who are not feeling well or who are lonely or otherwise in need. An attitude of reverence and worship in your home on the Sabbath shows love and respect for God.

You also honor the Sabbath by attending Church services each Sunday. The most important part of church is the sacrament. During sacrament meeting the bread and water are blessed and passed to the congregation as a reminder of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The bread represents His body, and the water represents His blood. During this ordinance you are reminded of the covenants you have made with God and can recommit to keep them. After baptism and confirmation, the sacrament provides you with a chance to repent, become clean from sin, and maintain the companionship of the Holy Ghost. As you thoughtfully take the sacrament each week and listen carefully to the sacrament prayers, you will better understand Jesus Christ’s Atonement and your covenants.

God will speak to you through the Holy Ghost as you attend Church services. An attitude of reverence prepares you to recognize thoughts and feelings that come to you from the Holy Ghost. Some ways that you can show respect for God include arriving early to church, sitting quietly, and paying attention during Church services. As you focus on listening to the messages and testimonies of others and to the Holy Ghost, your knowledge and testimony will grow. The Lord loves you and will bless you as you continue to attend church weekly, even when you are struggling or feel you have made mistakes.


A Young Women class studies the gospel.

Other Church services include adult and youth Sunday School as well as other classes in smaller groups. In these meetings, Church members learn the gospel together, ask questions, and support one another. You can find answers to questions and solutions to your challenges as you participate in church each week. You will also find strength as you associate with members of the Church.