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Resources to Help

“Resources to Help,” Children and Youth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: An Introductory Guide for Parents and Leaders (2019)

“Resources to Help”

Resources to Help

Mobile, web, and print resources are available. Tools for goal setting, ideas for goals, ideas for service and activities at home and at church, safety guidelines, and instructions can be accessed by parents, adult leaders, quorum and class presidencies, and youth.



Mobile App: Gospel Living

The Gospel Living mobile app (iOS and Android) is designed to be inspiring, engaging, fun, and relevant to everyday life. It supports a Christ-centered life through:

  • Inspiring content

  • Reminders

  • Activity ideas

  • Communication

  • Journaling

  • Personal goals

Search the Apple app store and Android app marketplace for Gospel Living (Church of Jesus Christ).

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The Children and Youth development website provides resources to support parents, children, youth, and leaders.

  • Parent and family resources

  • Resources and examples for how to support and encourage children and youth

  • Primary activity resources

  • Service and activity guidelines, examples, and ideas

  • Personal development (goal) examples and ideas

  • Class and quorum presidency training resources

  • Downloadable versions of print materials

Print: Children and Youth Development

Where helpful, printed booklets are available to support the principles of Children and Youth development and help children and youth make plans for personal development.

Continue on the Covenant Path

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As youth move to the next stage of their lives, the Relief Society and the elders quorum will provide increased opportunities to find joy and growth as they work together to accomplish the work of salvation.

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Relief Society