“Welcome,” Help Your Children Succeed in School: Parent Guide (2021)

“Welcome,” Help Your Children Succeed in School: Parent Guide


This parent guide will help you learn how to help your children learn in school and at home.

Children learn from parents and teachers. They also learn through work, play, and the questions they ask. Families are very important and help children learn. When families support children in learning, children feel happy and good about themselves. They also want to learn more.

Talk with your family about the things you learn as you read this guide. Pray for help from Heavenly Father. Even if you do not have a lot of education, you can still help your children learn. The Lord will help you and your children learn together as you work, play, talk with each other, and read.

How to Use This Guide

Parents can study this guide together, with their children, or with other parents. Church leaders can invite parents to meet and discuss the topics in this guide. Ministering brothers and sisters can also talk about the topics in this guide with the families they serve.

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How to Study Each Topic

Follow these steps as you study each topic in this guide:

  1. Invite others to study the topic with you, or study the topic alone.

  2. Think and talk about the questions.

  3. Read and do the activity.

  4. Think and pray about what you have learned.

  5. Talk about what you have learned with your family.