Overview for Parents

“Overview for Parents,” Help for Parents (2021)

“Overview for Parents,” Help for Parents

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Overview for Parents

Many parents aren’t sure how to teach their children about pornography. Others are concerned about how to help children who are struggling with pornography use. You can help educate and support your children by talking to them about healthy sexuality, teaching them how to better protect themselves from being exposed to pornography, and helping them learn how to respond appropriately when they encounter pornography.

If you discover that your child has been involved with pornography, it’s essential to respond with love. As Sister Joy D. Jones taught, “If we are going to have any hope of eradicating [pornography] from the world, love must be both at the forefront and the foundation of all our efforts.”1 You may feel surprised, hurt, angry, or disappointed, but responding negatively will increase your child’s feelings of shame and confusion. It may also result in your child feeling like he or she can’t come to you with experiences, feelings, and concerns.