Principle 1: Find Hope and Strength in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ

“Principle 1: Find Hope and Strength in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ,” Help for Me (2019)

“Principle 1: Find Hope and Strength in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ,” Help for Me

Jesus praying in Gethsemane

Principle 1: Find Hope and Strength in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ

In mortality, we experience weaknesses and trials. However, Heavenly Father has blessed us with the agency to act and overcome these challenges, allowing us to learn and grow. As we exercise faith in our Savior and His Atonement, weak things can be made strong. He will love, guide, strengthen, and heal us throughout the repentance process.

We are not alone in our struggles. The Lord is ready and willing to help us. Exercising faith in Heavenly Father’s plan and relying on the Savior’s Atonement can help us overcome our weaknesses and grow. In the video above, Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said, “Faith is not just wishful thinking; faith is a principle of action and of power. As we act in accordance with the teachings of Christ, then the power, by the Spirit, comes into our life to do and become what we could never otherwise do or become” (“Find Hope and Strength in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ” [video]).

We are cherished children of our Father in Heaven. As we act in faith, we can build relationships with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and draw the atoning power of the Savior into our lives. Faith gives us power to act and progress. We will have both failures and successes as we strive to act in faith. As we continue trying, the Lord will recognize our efforts and the Spirit will assure us of His love.

The Lord can use all things for our benefit, even our failings. If we let Him, He can help us learn and grow. We are divinely designed to overcome. As we work to overcome our weaknesses and depend on the Savior, His power can transform us.

We can be healed through the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He has paid the price for our opportunity to learn and grow from our mistakes. Because He has overcome all things, He is our hope and the source of our strength.

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Why doesn’t God just take this from me?

God wants us to learn and overcome our trials. However, He is willing to help us. Start by being genuine with God. We are His children, and He is aware of us individually. Establishing a genuine relationship with God—expressing our hopes, our frustrations, and even our anger—prepares us to accept His help.

Why do I feel so bad about myself?

The adversary wants us to feel ashamed, but turning to Christ helps us replace shame with hope. Satan would have us turn away from God and our Savior, but turning to Christ with our imperfections opens our hearts to His love and Atonement. Accepting Christ as our Savior helps us repent when we do sin.

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