It was just one slip. Do I really have to tell people again?

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“It was just one slip. Do I really have to tell people again?” Help for Me (2019)

“It was just one slip. Do I really have to tell people again?” Help for Me

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It was just one slip. Do I really have to tell people again?

Most of us have setbacks on our path of healing and feel hesitant to tell anyone about them. We may justify our actions, we may fear consequences, or we may want to protect the emotions of our loved ones. In this video, others talk about their mistakes and how, instead of hiding and trying to handle the ongoing struggle on their own, being humble and honest allows them to continue to learn and progress toward healing.

How does truth make us free?

We’re taught in the scriptures that “the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). Hiding the truth separates us from those we love. Pornography habits often thrive in isolation and secrecy, and hiding the truth can make us feel more shame. When we’re humble and honest with God and the people who matter most to us, we grow closer to them and allow them to support us. Being humble and honest also helps us feel the peace that comes from living a life of integrity. Even if it is uncomfortable or painful, being honest in our relationships helps us heal and rebuild trust with our spouses and others.

Being open and vulnerable with our loved ones can help us repair relationships. As we are honest with those around us, we can reconnect with those we may have hurt. In the video below, others share about how honesty helped them rebuild relationships.

How can we be open with others and rebuild trust?

Ideas for Taking Action

Here are some ideas that others have found helpful. Prayerfully consider what actions might be best for you, taking into account that those actions may or may not be listed here.

  • Seek personal revelation. Consider focusing on prayer, meaningful scripture study, church attendance, priesthood blessings, patriarchal blessings, and the words of latter-day prophets. Keep a journal of your insights.

  • Review Mosiah 3:19 and other scriptures on humility. What might you do to invite Jesus Christ into your life?

  • Consider what it means to be honest and to take personal responsibility for your actions.

  • Consider what you can do to repair relationships that are damaged when you slip up. In healthy relationships, partners are expected to not view pornography. What can you do to restore lost trust?

  • Evaluate the benefits of being honest. Often, past negative experiences can affect the way we behave now. If we had a negative experience after trying to be honest in the past, we may feel uncertain about being honest now. How might you approach challenging these uncertainties? How might you address your fears about being honest, especially if you’re concerned about future slipups?


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Principle 2: Be Humble, Be Honest, and Seek Truth


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