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How I Hear Him: Elder Ulisses Soares

“How I Hear Him: Elder Ulisses Soares,” Hear Him!, 2020

“How I Hear Him: Elder Ulisses Soares”

How I Hear Him

Elder Ulisses Soares

“Every one of us needs to establish a communication channel with the Lord to hear Him. This is a daily effort for me. Personal scripture study, guided by the Lord, has helped me to become more self-sufficient spiritually.

“I recorded my experience in Portuguese because, generally speaking, the revelations and impressions I receive from the Lord come to me in my own native language. In this video, I reflect about a time when the Lord directed me as a mission president to share a very specific message with the missionaries who were serving with us, which I received through my personal study of the scriptures. It was an unforgettable moment that often reminds me of the importance of hearing His voice.”

How do you hear Him?