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How I Hear Him: President Joy D. Jones

“How I Hear Him: President Joy D. Jones,” Hear Him! (2020)

“How I Hear Him: President Joy D. Jones” Hear Him!

How I Hear Him

President Joy D. Jones

“Have you ever felt overwhelmed with gratitude after receiving guidance from heaven? It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? I’ve always known that I hear Him through thoughts in my mind. I hear through feelings in my heart—impressions, emotions—but I also know that I hear names. I would never take credit for His sweet, perfect love, but oh, how grateful I am that He allows me to be a small piece of the puzzle.

“It is His love and power, and yet He allows us to feel and take part as we love and minister. In the process, we are uplifted, we are taught, we are inspired, we are loved, and it helps us want to do it more and more and more.”

How do you hear Him?