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List of Visuals

“List of Visuals,” Gospel Principles (2011), 281

“List of Visuals,” Gospel Principles, 281

List of Visuals

Cover: Living Water, by Simon Dewey, © Simon Dewey. Background © Artbeats

Page 4: Photograph © NASA and STScI

Page 8: Photograph © NASA and STScI

Page 14: Detail from Christ at Emmaus, by Carl Heinrich Bloch. Used by permission of the National Historic Museum at Frederiksborg in Hillerød, Denmark

Page 18: Photograph by Dimitri Vervitsiotis/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Page 22: Photograph © Corbis

Page 26: Leaving the Garden of Eden, by Joseph Brickey. © 1998 Joseph Brickey

Page 40: Joseph Smith, by unknown artist, courtesy Community of Christ Archives. Brigham Young, by Danquart Anthon Weggeland, courtesy Church History Museum. John Taylor, by unknown artist, courtesy Church History Library and Archives. Wilford Woodruff, by H. E. Peterson. Lorenzo Snow, by Lewis Ramsey, courtesy Church History Museum. Joseph F. Smith, by A. Salzbrenner, © IRI. Heber J. Grant, by C. J. Fox, © IRI. George Albert Smith, by Lee Greene Richards, © IRI. David O. McKay, by Everett Clark Thorpe, © Everett Clark Thorpe. Joseph Fielding Smith, by Shauna Cook Clinger, © 1983 IRI. Harold B. Lee, by Grant Romney Clawson, © IRI. Photograph of Ezra Taft Benson © Busath Photography. Photograph of Thomas S. Monson © Busath Photography

Page 50: Christ Raising the Daughter of Jairus, by Greg K. Olsen. © 1990 IRI

Page 60: Not My Will, But Thine, Be Done, by Harry Anderson. © Seventh-day Adventist Church. Do not copy

Page 82: Detail from Abraham on the Plains of Mamre, by Harry Anderson. © IRI

Page 88: Detail from Christ Ordaining the Twelve Apostles, by Harry Anderson. © IRI

Page 94: Detail from The Desires of My Heart, by Walter Rane. Courtesy Church History Museum

Page 102: Detail from Jesus Christ, by Harry Anderson. © IRI

Page 134: The Last Supper, by Simon Dewey. © Simon Dewey

Page 150: Detail from Christ and the Rich Young Ruler, by Heinrich Hofmann. Courtesy C. Harrison Conroy Co., Inc.

Page 162: Detail from Jesus Washing the Feet of the Apostles, by Del Parson. © 1983 IRI

Page 168: Photograph © Getty Images

Page 174: Detail from The Good Samaritan, by Joseph Brickey. © 2001 Joseph Brickey

Page 180: Photograph by George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Page 190: Detail from Go Ye Therefore, and Teach All Nations, by Harry Anderson. © IRI

Page 200: Adam and Eve Offering Sacrifices, by Keith Larson. © 1996 Keith Larson

Page 218: Photograph by Robert Casey. © 2004 Robert Casey

Page 224: Photograph by Robert Casey. © 2004 Robert Casey

Page 246: Detail from Jacob Blessing Joseph, by Harry Anderson. © IRI

Page 252: The Second Coming, by Harry Anderson. © IRI

Page 258: Detail from The Second Coming, by Harry Anderson. © IRI

Page 264: Detail from Without Any Ire, by Nancy Glazier-Koehler. © 1984 Nancy Glazier-Koehler

Page 268: Detail from The Last Judgment, by John Scott. © 1974 IRI

Page 276: Detail from mural by Dan Baxter