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Summary of Recent Updates

“Summary of Recent Updates,” General Handbook: Serving in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (2023).

“Summary of Recent Updates,” General Handbook.

Summary of Recent Updates

August 2023

Throughout the handbook, the phrases “the work of salvation and exaltation” and “the Lord’s work of salvation and exaltation” have been changed to “God’s work of salvation and exaltation” to emphasize that we are invited to participate in God’s work.

Revised language throughout the handbook to reflect that family history centers are now called FamilySearch centers and the Family History Library is now called the FamilySearch Library.

Chapter 1: God’s Plan and Your Role in His Work of Salvation and Exaltation

Chapter 2: Supporting Individuals and Families in God’s Work of Salvation and Exaltation

Chapter 3: Priesthood Principles

Chapter 4: Leadership and Councils in the Church of Jesus Christ

Chapter 5: General and Area Leadership

Chapter 6: Stake Leadership

Chapter 7: The Bishopric

Chapter 8: Elders Quorum

Chapter 9: Relief Society

Chapter 10: Aaronic Priesthood Quorums

Chapter 11: Young Women

Chapter 12: Primary

Chapter 13: Sunday School

Chapter 18: Performing Priesthood Ordinances and Blessings

Chapter 20: Activities

Chapter 22: Providing for Temporal Needs and Building Self-Reliance

Chapter 23: Sharing the Gospel and Strengthening New and Returning Members

Chapter 25: Temple and Family History Work in the Ward and Stake

Chapter 26: Temple Recommends

Chapter 27: Temple Ordinances for the Living

Chapter 28: Temple Ordinances for the Deceased

Chapter 29: Meetings in the Church

Chapter 30: Callings in the Church

Chapter 31: Interviews and Other Meetings

Chapter 32: Repentance and Church Membership Councils

Chapter 33: Records and Reports

Chapter 34: Finances and Audits

Chapter 35: Care and Use of Meetinghouses

Chapter 38: Church Policies and Guidelines