Welcome—Maximum Time: 5 Minutes

“Welcome—Maximum Time: 5 Minutes,” Facilitating Groups for Self-Reliance (2016)

“Welcome—Maximum Time: 5 Minutes,” Facilitating Groups

Welcome—Maximum Time: 5 Minutes

How to Use This Workbook

When You See These Prompts, Follow These Directions






One person reads aloud for the whole group.

The whole group watches the video.

Group members share thoughts for two to four minutes.

Individuals quietly consider, meditate, and write.

Group members work individually or with others for the specified time.


Invite someone to say the prayer.


Ask someone to set a timer for each section.


Each participant should take 30 seconds to tell the group his or her name and something about him or herself.


Welcome! The purpose of this booklet is to introduce you to self-reliance groups. This is a new Church initiative that will help members learn practical skills and strengthen spiritual habits. Today’s training will look and feel like the self-reliance group meetings you will be facilitating. For the next two hours we will cover the following topics:

  • What is a self-reliance group?

  • Your role as a facilitator

  • The structure of a self-reliance group meeting

  • How people join self-reliance groups

  • Administrative responsibilities of a facilitator