“Appendix,” Facilitating Groups for Self-Reliance (2018)



Self-Reliance Website Resources

Go to to find more information and helpful videos about facilitating a group.

What You Do Before a Group Meeting

  • Go to to download the videos for the My Foundation principle and the lesson.

  • For your first meeting, ask the self-reliance specialist to give you enough manuals for everyone who signed up plus two additional copies.

  • Review the material to prepare to facilitate, but do not prepare to teach it as a lesson.

  • After your first meeting, work with your specialists to register your group (see

  • Call or text group members to remind them of the date, time, and place for the group meeting.

  • Encourage action partners to contact and help each other during the week.

  • Prepare spiritually and act upon promptings you receive.

  • Arrive early to set up the chairs, tables, and videos, as appropriate. Set up your tables as follows (the stars indicate where the facilitator sits).

SRS Facilitating Groups Graphics

What You Do During a Group Meeting

  • Greet group members as they arrive, and get to know them.

  • Recognize and applaud their accomplishments and progress.

  • Assign a timekeeper to manage the suggested times.

  • Encourage discussion among group members.

  • Emphasize acting on commitments between meetings.

  • Remind group members to respect confidential information.

As Part of Your Last Group Meeting

  • Group members complete a self-assessment.

  • You collect assessments, complete the end-of-group report, and request certificates (see

  • Celebrate together!

Facilitator Self-Assessment

After each group meeting, review the following statements. How well are you doing?

SRS Facilitating Groups Graphics

Group Assessment

It might be helpful to use this group self-assessment as a part of some of your self-reliance group meetings to check in with your group and see how they’re experiencing the course. You can invite each group member to complete the form and then talk about it as a group. You could do this at the start of a group meeting or at the end of the “Learn” section. This activity takes about 10 minutes.

Facilitating Groups Graphics

Different Meeting Options for Find a Better Job

If you facilitate the Find a Better Job group, you might have group members who need a job right away and can’t wait 12 weeks to complete all of the course materials. If you look in the first few pages of the manual, you will find additional meeting options that might better meet these group members’ needs. You can also talk with your self-reliance specialist to learn more.

Group Members of Different Faiths

All individuals, regardless of faith background, are welcome to attend self-reliance courses. The following are a few simple suggestions that can help create a positive and welcoming experience for all members of the group.

  • Be sensitive and open to questions.

  • It may help to explain scriptures or quotations that are specific to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  • It may be necessary to adjust some of the commitments.

  • Your self-reliance specialist can help with any questions about registration to ensure all group participants receive a course certificate.

Additional Help

If you experience issues or concerns or otherwise need help connecting group members back to their ward or branch units, work with your specialist for guidance and help.