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Appendix B: Oral Proficiency Interview for Placement in EnglishConnect 1 and 2 Groups

“Appendix B: Oral Proficiency Interview for Placement in EnglishConnect 1 and 2 Groups,” EnglishConnect for Teachers (2023)

“Appendix B,” EnglishConnect for Teachers

Appendix B

Oral Proficiency Interview for Placement in EnglishConnect Groups

For Those Administering the Oral Interview

This test is a brief interview that should take no more than five minutes. This oral interview will help determine if a learner should be placed in EnglishConnect 1 or EnglishConnect 2. Use this worksheet to conduct the interview and rate the interviewee’s responses.

Printable “Oral Proficiency Interview

Interpreting the Results of the Oral Interview

Each response should be rated on the following scale:

  • 0 = cannot respond to the question at all

  • 1 = has little or no ability to answer; responds with single words only

  • 2 = can respond with memorized phrases and lots of errors

  • 3 = makes a connected response with non-memorized phrases, even though there may be errors

  • 4 = makes a connected response with few errors

  • Total Score: 0–7 = EnglishConnect 1

  • Total Score: 8–11 = EnglishConnect 2

  • Total Score: 12+ = EnglishConnect 2 and invite to apply to EnglishConnect 3

If learners get mostly 1s, they should be placed in EnglishConnect 1. If learners get mostly 2s or 3s, they should be placed in EnglishConnect 2. If learners get mostly 3s or 4s, they can still attend EnglishConnect 2 if desired but may also be invited to apply to EnglishConnect 3 (see englishconnect.org/join).

Oral Interview

Help the interviewee feel as comfortable as possible by establishing a friendly environment. Greet the interviewee and introduce yourself simply. For example: “Hi. My name is . What’s your name?

Ask him or her the questions listed in the table below.


Score (0–4)


1. Tell me about yourself. What do you like to do?

(If the learner does not understand this, you can try asking, “What are your hobbies?”)


2. Tell me about your family. Who is in your family?


3. Where are you from? Tell me about your city.


4. What did you do last weekend?

(Speaking in the past tense is more difficult, so ask this question only if the learner did well on all other questions.)


Total Score