Designated Accessible Parking

“Designated Accessible Parking,” Disability Services: Leaders (2021)

Designated Accessible Parking

Girl in wheelchair being helped into car

Leaders are encouraged to monitor Church parking lots to ensure accessible parking stalls are being used appropriately.

Things to consider:

  1. Ensure that an adequate number of accessible parking stalls are provided.

    1. Members of the stake presidency, high councilors, or bishops can work with their facilities manager (FM) to request additional accessible stalls as needed.

  2. Ensure there are van-accessible parking spaces.

    1. Verify that these spots are being left available for those who require accessible van space.

    2. If needed, acquire parking signage that indicates “accessible vans only.”

  3. Verify that access aisles (cross-hatched lines meant for wheelchair access) are clear.

  4. Make sure that only individuals with appropriate placards or permits are parking in the accessible spaces.

  5. Verify that individuals are displaying their accessible parking placards or permits.

  6. If individuals use accessible parking stalls inappropriately, it can cause unnecessary difficulty for those who truly need these stalls. Please address this concern with the members in your area.