Old Testament 2022
March 7–13. Genesis 37–41: “The Lord Was with Joseph”

“March 7–13. Genesis 37–41: ‘The Lord Was with Joseph,’” Come, Follow Me—For Sunday School: Old Testament 2022 (2021)

“March 7–13. Genesis 37–41,” Come, Follow Me—For Sunday School: 2022

Joseph of Egypt in prison

Illustration of Joseph of Egypt in prison, by Jeff Ward

March 7–13

Genesis 37–41

“The Lord Was with Joseph”

It is not intended that you teach all of the activities in this outline. As you prepare to teach, pray that the Spirit will help you know which activities (if any) in this outline will best meet the needs of your class.

Record Your Impressions

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Invite Sharing

To encourage class members to share what they learned in their personal and family study, you could invite them to find a phrase in Genesis 37–41 that expresses a lesson or principle they feel is important.

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Teach the Doctrine

Genesis 37:1–28; 39; 40:1–19; 41:9–45

“The Lord was with Joseph” in his adversity.

  • Like Joseph, members of your class may be experiencing difficult trials. To help the class find inspiration in Joseph’s example, you could divide them into three groups and ask each group to review one of the following scripture passages: Genesis 39; 40:1–19; or 41:9–45. Each group could then share the ways the Lord was with Joseph in his challenges. As appropriate, class members could share experiences when the Lord was with them during a difficult trial. How can we learn to better see the Lord’s presence in our lives?

  • This object lesson can help illustrate how we can rise above adversity: place a lightweight object, such as a small plastic ball, at the bottom of a container filled about halfway with dry rice or beans. Invite someone to shake the container gently until the ball rises to the top. How was Joseph like the ball? Class members could share examples of the Lord helping Joseph rise above adversity from Genesis 37:5–11; 39; 40:1–19; 41:9–45. They could also share times when the Lord helped them in similar ways.

  • You might ask class members to sing or read the words of a hymn about making righteous choices, such as “Do What Is Right” (Hymns, no. 237). Then class members could find insights or phrases in Genesis 37:1–28; 39; 40:1–19; 41:9–45 that illustrate the hymn’s messages. How was Joseph blessed, despite his adversity, when he did what was right? When has the Lord blessed us in times of adversity for doing the right thing?

Genesis 37:5–11; 40; 41:1–38

If we are faithful, the Lord will guide and inspire us.

  • Although not everyone receives personal revelation through dreams, there are things we can learn about revelation from the experiences of Joseph, Pharaoh’s servants, and Pharaoh. You could invite class members to review Genesis 37:5–11; 40:5–8; 41:14–25, 37–38 and share anything they learn about revelation. You could also invite them to share what has helped them prepare to receive, understand, and act on revelation.

    Joseph in prison interpreting dreams

    Joseph Interpreting the Butler and Baker’s Dreams, by François Gérard

Genesis 39:1–20

With the Lord’s help, we can flee temptation.

  • You might ask class members to share what they learned about resisting temptation as they read Genesis 39 this week. What did Joseph do to overcome temptation? (see verses 7–12). The videos “Leave the Party” and “Dare to Stand Alone” (ChurchofJesusChrist.org) provide examples of people who resisted temptation. Consider asking class members to make a list of things we can do to draw on God’s power when we face temptations. (Class members could find ideas in Matthew 4:1–11 or in the scriptures listed under “Tempt, Temptation” in Guide to the Scriptures [scriptures.ChurchofJesusChrist.org].)

  • How can you use Joseph’s example to help class members resist temptation to commit sexual sin? In addition to reviewing Genesis 39:1–20, class members could watch the video “Chastity: What Are the Limits?” (ChurchofJesusChrist.org) or review “Sexual Purity” (in For the Strength of Youth [2011], 35–37). They could share what they learn about resisting thoughts, words, and actions that lead to sexual sin. Reviewing “Repentance” (in For the Strength of Youth, 28–29) can help class members understand the opportunity that Jesus Christ offers us to repent.

Genesis 41:15–57

We should prepare for possible hardships.

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Additional Resources

Preparing for times of trouble.

President Gordon B. Hinckley said: “I urge you to be modest in your expenditures; discipline yourselves in your purchases to avoid debt to the extent possible. Pay off debt as quickly as you can. … Have a reserve, even though it be small” (“To the Boys and to the Men,” Ensign, Nov. 1998, 54).

Improving Our Teaching

Listening is an act of love. “Ask Heavenly Father to help you understand what your class members say. As you pay careful attention to their spoken and unspoken messages, you will come to better understand their needs” (Teaching in the Savior’s Way, 34).