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A Pattern for Teaching
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“A Pattern for Teaching,” Come, Follow Me—For Sunday School: New Testament 2019 (2019)

“A Pattern for Teaching,” Come, Follow Me—For Sunday School: 2019

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A Pattern for Teaching

In this resource, you will find the following pattern repeated in each outline: invite sharing, teach the doctrine, and encourage learning at home. In many cases, as you teach, the elements of this pattern may overlap or occur in a different order. For example, consider that sharing is an opportunity to teach the doctrine, and teaching doctrine should involve invitations to share. Likewise, encouraging learning at home can happen throughout a class discussion. Allow this overlap to happen naturally, following the promptings of the Spirit to meet the needs of the people you teach.

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Invite Sharing

As part of every class, invite class members to share insights and experiences they had over the past week as they studied the scriptures as individuals and families and applied what they learned. Help class members see that their personal learning outside of class is important. Their individual conversion will come not only through Sunday learning but also through their daily experiences. When class members hear each other’s experiences, they are more likely to be inspired to seek similar experiences on their own.

Not everyone will have read the chapters for each lesson, and even some who did read may not feel comfortable sharing. Make sure all class members feel like a valued part of the class, whether or not they have something to share.

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Teach the Doctrine

You and your class members should focus on doctrine—the eternal truths of the gospel—found in the assigned scripture passages. As you discuss doctrine from the scriptures, what verses, quotations, experiences, questions, and additional resources might you share? How might you use these resources to help class members discover and understand gospel principles? How can you encourage class members to record and act upon the thoughts and impressions they receive?

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Encourage Learning at Home

At the end of the lesson, take a moment to preview next week’s discussion. Consider how to inspire class members to continue learning from the New Testament at home, both individually and with their families.