Come, Follow Me
A Pattern for Teaching

“A Pattern for Teaching,” Come, Follow Me—For Primary: New Testament 2019 (2019)

“A Pattern for Teaching,” Come, Follow Me—For Primary: 2019

Primary class

A Pattern for Teaching

In this resource, you will find the following pattern repeated in each outline: invite sharing, teach the doctrine, and encourage learning at home. In many cases, as you teach, the elements of this pattern may overlap or occur in a different order. For example, consider that sharing is an opportunity to teach the doctrine, and teaching doctrine should involve invitations to share. Likewise, encouraging learning at home can happen throughout a class discussion. Allow this overlap to happen naturally, following the promptings of the Spirit to meet the needs of the children you teach.

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Invite Sharing

As part of every class, invite the children to share their feelings, insights, and experiences about the principles in the outline. Their comments may include experiences they have had learning at home. You might also review what they learned last week and ask how it has influenced their lives.

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Teach the Doctrine

Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families can help you understand the doctrine you will teach to the children. Consider what scripture verses, quotations, experiences, questions, and other resources you might share to help the children learn and act on gospel principles. Look for creative ways to help them be excited about what they are learning.

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Encourage Learning at Home

Because the home is the center of gospel learning, one of your objectives as a Primary teacher is to encourage learning at home. How can you help the children share with their families what they learned in class? How can you encourage children and their parents to continue to learn from the New Testament at home?