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December 21–27. Christmas: “He Shall Come into the World to Redeem His People”

“December 21–27. Christmas: ‘He Shall Come into the World to Redeem His People,’” Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families: Book of Mormon 2020 (2020)

“December 21–27. Christmas,” Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families: 2020

Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus in a stable

Behold the Lamb of God, by Walter Rane

December 21–27


“He Shall Come into the World to Redeem His People”

The Christmas season is a time to reflect on and express gratitude for the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. As you read and ponder this week about His birth and life, consider how your study of the Book of Mormon this year has strengthened your testimony that He is the Savior of the world. Record impressions that come to you.

Record Your Impressions

From Nephi to Moroni, every Book of Mormon prophet was committed to the sacred purpose summarized on the book’s title page: “The convincing of [all people] that Jesus is the Christ.” One prophet saw Him as a premortal spirit, and another saw His birth and ministry in a vision. One stood on a wall to proclaim the signs of His birth and His death, and another knelt before His resurrected body, touching the wounds in His hands, feet, and side. All of them knew this essential truth: “There is no other way nor means whereby man can be saved, only through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ, who … cometh to redeem the world” (Helaman 5:9).

So during this Christmas season, as believers around the world celebrate the goodness and love of God in sending His Son, ponder how the Book of Mormon has strengthened your faith in Christ. As you think about His birth, ponder why He came and how His coming has changed your life. Then you can experience the true joy of Christmas—the gift that Jesus Christ gives to you.

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Ideas for Personal Scripture Study

1 Nephi 11:13–36; Mosiah 3:5–10; Helaman 14:1–13; 3 Nephi 1:4–22

Jesus Christ came to earth to be my Savior.

It’s traditional to read the story of the Savior’s birth in the New Testament at Christmastime, but you can also find moving prophecies of this sacred event in the Book of Mormon. For example, prophecies of the Savior’s birth and ministry are found in 1 Nephi 11:13–36; Mosiah 3:5–10; Helaman 14:1–13; and 3 Nephi 1:4–22. What impressions about Jesus Christ come to you as you read these passages and contemplate the possible meanings of the signs of His birth? How do the testimonies of these prophets in ancient America strengthen your testimony of Christ and His mission?

See also Matthew 1:18–252; Luke 2.

2 Nephi 2:6; Alma 7:7–13; 11:40; Helaman 5:9; 14:16–17

Jesus Christ is the Redeemer of all mankind.

We would have no reason to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ were it not for His atoning sacrifice, through which He saves us from sin and death, comforts us in afflictions, and helps us “be perfected in Him” (Moroni 10:32). What have you learned from the Book of Mormon this year about the Savior’s power to redeem you? Do any stories or teachings stand out to you? Consider what the following examples teach you about the Savior’s redeeming mission: 2 Nephi 2:6; Alma 7:7–13; 11:40; and Helaman 5:9; 14:16–17. What do you feel inspired to do to show Him your gratitude? ( has some ideas that can get you started.)

1 Nephi 6:4; 19:18; 2 Nephi 25:23, 26; 33:4, 10

The Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ.

“Another Testament of Jesus Christ” is more than just a subtitle for the Book of Mormon; it is a statement of its divine purpose. Ponder what you learn from the following scriptures about the Book of Mormon’s mission to testify of Christ: 1 Nephi 6:4; 19:18; and 2 Nephi 25:23, 26; 33:4, 10.

Consider recording in a journal how studying the Book of Mormon this year has brought you closer to Christ. The following prompts might help:

  • “Something new I learned about the Savior this year was …”

  • “Reading [verses about the Savior] changed the way I …”

  • “My favorite person [or story] in the Book of Mormon taught me that the Savior …”

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Ideas for Family Scripture Study and Family Home Evening

As you read the scriptures with your family, the Spirit can help you know what principles to emphasize and discuss in order to meet the needs of your family. Here are some ideas.

1 Nephi 11:13–23; Mosiah 3:5–10; Helaman 14:1–13; 3 Nephi 1:4–22

Children might enjoy drawing pictures of what they hear as you read the stories of Christ’s birth and ministry in 1 Nephi 11:13–23; Mosiah 3:5–10; Helaman 14:1–13; and 3 Nephi 1:4–22. Then your children could retell the stories using the pictures they have drawn.

“He Is the Gift”

To help your family focus on the gift Heavenly Father gave us by sending His Son, you could wrap a picture of Jesus Christ like a Christmas present. Family members could talk about favorite Christmas gifts they have received or hope to receive. Then they could unwrap the picture of Christ and discuss how He has been a precious gift for us. The video “He Is the Gift” ( could help you discuss how you can discover, embrace, and share the gift of the Savior as a family this Christmas.

Your family might also benefit from thinking about a “gift” they would like to give the Savior, such as making an effort to be kinder to others or working to overcome a bad habit. Consider inviting family members to write down their ideas, wrap them like a gift, and place their gifts around a picture of the Savior.

The Christmas Spirit

It might be fun to plan activities your family can do in the days leading up to Christmas to feel the Spirit of Christ, such as serving someone or singing Christmas hymns together. (For ideas, see

For more ideas for teaching children, see this week’s outline in Come, Follow Me—For Primary.

Suggested song: “Away in a Manger,” Children’s Songbook, 42–43.

Improving Our Teaching

Follow up on invitations to act. “When you follow up on an invitation to act, you show [your family members] that you care about them and how the gospel is blessing their lives. You also give them opportunities to share their experiences, which strengthens their commitment and allows them to support one another in living the gospel” (Teaching in the Savior’s Way, 35).

an angel showing Nephi the Virgin Mary in a vision

Nephi’s Vision of the Virgin Mary, by Judith A. Mehr