Doctrine and Covenants 2021
November 28. How Did Joseph Smith Help Accomplish Heavenly Father’s Plan? Doctrine and Covenants 135–136

“November 28. How Did Joseph Smith Help Accomplish Heavenly Father’s Plan? Doctrine and Covenants 135–136,” Come, Follow Me—For Aaronic Priesthood Quorums and Young Women Classes: Doctrinal Topics 2021 (2020)

“November 28. How Did Joseph Smith Help Accomplish Heavenly Father’s Plan?” Come, Follow Me—For Aaronic Priesthood Quorums and Young Women Classes: Doctrinal Topics 2021

painting of Joseph Smith

Brother Joseph, by David Lindsley

November 28

How Did Joseph Smith Help Accomplish Heavenly Father’s Plan?

Doctrine and Covenants 135–136

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Counsel Together

Led by a member of the quorum or class presidency; approximately 10–20 minutes

At the beginning of the meeting, repeat together the Young Women Theme or the Aaronic Priesthood Quorum Theme. Then lead a discussion about the work of salvation and exaltation using one or more of the questions below or questions of your own (see General Handbook, 10.2, 11.2, Plan ways to act on what you discuss.

  • Live the gospel. What topics has the bishopric discussed in our ward youth council meetings? What can we do as a class or quorum based on those discussions?

  • Care for those in need. How can we reach out to people in Christlike ways when we see a need and don’t know what to say?

  • Invite all to receive the gospel. What have we found in the gospel of Jesus Christ that brings us joy? How can we share that joy with others?

  • Unite families for eternity. What are we doing to find names of our ancestors who need temple ordinances? What can we do to help others find the names of their ancestors?

At the end of the lesson, as appropriate, do the following:

  • Testify of the principles taught.

  • Remind quorum or class members about the plans and invitations made during the meeting.

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Teach the Doctrine

Led by an adult leader or youth; approximately 25–35 minutes

Prepare Yourself Spiritually

“Joseph Smith, the Prophet and Seer of the Lord, has done more, save Jesus only, for the salvation of men in this world, than any other man that ever lived in it” (Doctrine and Covenants 135:3). This is a bold statement about the role of Joseph Smith. Have you ever thought about what this statement means in your life? How would your life be different if the gospel of Jesus Christ had not been restored? What can you do to help the members of your quorum or class strengthen their testimonies of Joseph Smith’s mission?

As you prepare to teach, in addition to studying Doctrine and Covenants 135, consider reviewing President M. Russell Ballard’s message “Shall We Not Go On in So Great a Cause?” (Ensign or Liahona, May 2020, 8–11) and Elder Neil L. Andersen’s message “Joseph Smith” (Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2014, 28–31).

young woman and young man reading the Book of Mormon

Our lives are blessed by the truths restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Learn Together

To begin a discussion about how Joseph Smith helped accomplish Heavenly Father’s plan, you might start by reviewing what quorum or class members learned about the Prophet from reading Doctrine and Covenants 135 this week. For example, they could make a list of the truths they know about the Savior and His gospel because of Joseph Smith. Why are each of these truths important in Heavenly Father’s plan? The following activities can help your quorum or class better understand Joseph Smith’s role in the plan of salvation.

  • To help quorum or class members prepare to help others understand the importance of the Prophet Joseph, they could read “The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith” in chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel ([2019], 36–38). Working in pairs or small groups, they could identify points that seem important to share with others. Then they could practice sharing Joseph Smith’s experience with each other in their own words. Ask them to consider what they might do to share the message of the Restoration. Perhaps they can think of a specific person with whom they could share this message. They may also be willing to share experiences when they have helped someone learn about Joseph Smith.

  • Ask quorum or class members to imagine that one of their friends at church says, “I’m not sure I have a testimony of Joseph Smith. How do you know he is a prophet?” How would we answer? What do we learn from Joseph Smith’s own experience in Joseph Smith—History 1:8–19 about how we can gain or strengthen our testimonies? Ask quorum or class members to make a list of ways to strengthen their testimonies of the Prophet Joseph Smith and each choose one thing they would like to do this week.

  • To help quorum or class members better understand the work that God accomplished through Joseph Smith, you could invite them to read pages 48–53 of Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Gordon B. Hinckley (2016) or watch one or more of the videos in “Supporting Resources.” They could pick one or two of the doctrines and practices presented in these resources that are especially meaningful to them. They could explain why they are thankful the Lord restored these things through Joseph Smith. They might also enjoy writing a note expressing their gratitude for how Joseph Smith’s work has helped bring them closer to the Savior. They could also ponder what they can do to more fully take advantage of the blessings the Lord has made available through Joseph Smith.

Act in Faith

Encourage quorum or class members to ponder and record what they will do to act on the impressions they received today. How does today’s lesson relate to personal goals they have made? If they would like, quorum or class members could share their ideas.

Supporting Resources

  • Doctrine and Covenants 35:17–18 (Through the Prophet Joseph Smith, the Lord restored the fulness of the gospel)

  • Russell M. Nelson, “The Book of Mormon: What Would Your Life Be Like without It?Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2017, 60–63

  • “Teachings of Joseph Smith: The Nature of God,” “Ministry of Joseph Smith: The Book of Mormon,” “Ministry of Joseph Smith: The Organization of the Church,” “Ministry of Joseph Smith: The Restoration of Priesthood Authority,” “Ministry of Joseph Smith: Temples” (videos),

Teaching in the Savior’s Way

The Savior focused on helping His followers live the gospel with all their hearts. How can you help those you teach see how their testimonies of Joseph Smith should affect their daily lives?