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“Jarom,” Book of Mormon Study Guide for Home-Study Seminary Students (2012), 101

“Jarom,” Book of Mormon Study Guide, 101

Introduction to Jarom

Why Study This Book?

As you study the book of Jarom, you will see that God keeps His promise to bless those who obey His commandments. You will also learn about the efforts of Nephite kings, prophets, teachers, and priests of Jarom’s day to help the people repent and avoid destruction.

Who Wrote This Book?

Enos’s son Jarom wrote this book. Like his father—and like his grandfather Jacob and his great-grandfather Lehi—Jarom had the spirit of prophecy and revelation (see Jarom 1:2). When he finished his record, he passed the small plates of Nephi to his son Omni.

When and Where Was It Written?

The book of Jarom covers approximately 59 years, from about 420 B.C. to 361 B.C. (see Enos 1:25; Jarom 1:13). It was written in the land of Nephi.