I Hear His Voice

I Hear His Voice

1. I hear His voice

Burning within

It’s not in the thunder

It’s not in the wind

It’s here in my heart

Deep in my bones

Giving direction

Guiding me home

2. I hear His voice

It rings through the dark

Lifting my spirits

Cleansing my heart

Pushing me on

It fills me with joy

I know He loves me

I hear His voice


And I can’t imagine

How someone like me

Could speak with the Maker

Be healed by my Savior

And filled with His peace

For all of these wonders

I can’t help but rejoice

’Cause I’ve felt His presence

I hear His voice

3. I hear His voice

And I will obey

I know He will always

Show me the way

If I am still

And drown out the noise

I feel His presence

I hear His voice

Words and music: Nik Day; Nefi Hernández

Artist: Nefi Hernández